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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

tamarindo to monteverde

j and i took a crazy bus ride to monteverde this afternoon. the last 38 km of the bus ride took 3.5 hours. they were crazy rough roads through mountains and we both were feeling a little shaken.

we went from dry and windy and hot to wet, rainy and cold-ish (20C). we just stuffed our faces with food and will be heading off into the cloud forest tomorrow. we´re looking to spend a few days here.

this morning we went on a tour of the estuary and saw a cayman (little crocodile guy), tons of birds and bright crabbies, and sleeping monkeys. it was neat but the crabbies kinda gave me the creeps.

now we´re here and there are more bugs than in guanacaste, but it´s okay. i have big bad j to protect me!

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  1. Sean doesn't read your blog. He's not really into blogs like that. But if he did, I am sure he would smile at the comment about bugs.

    Being a traveller sure does put North American bugs into perspective. Tiny non-lethal buggers.