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Monday, February 5, 2007

so much to say

i have so much to say, really, too much. so i'll just start. friday night we packed until not-too-late. saturday we woke up early and went and picked up the truck.

Day 038 February 3  192_9287 (Medium)

we still had lots of packing to do but people started showing up around 9:30. so we packed and packed. it was incredible how many people were helping. we had the truck packed in no time at all.

we convoyed over to the new place. j was in the lead with the truck and i was at the back. this worked out particularly well when the group got split at a set of lights. i just zoomed to the front and led the second half of the pack. perfect.

February 3..  165_6549 (Medium)

i managed to hardly lift anything, heavy or light, because i had to direct. honestly, not what i prefer doing but it was the only way. anyways, we got everything in, somewhat organized, ate pizza and enjoyed the new house.

but we still had to get the cats from the old place. after dinner, we went by and grabbed them. they were mucho happy to see us.

February 3..  165_6554 (Medium)

we hung out with them while they explored the house for a little bit and then headed out to permanent daylight's cd release party. it was a great show, but man were we ever tired.

165_6567 (Medium)

and now we've slept in our very own house two nights and are gearing up for the third. we're so happy.

the cats like it too:

February 4..  193_9310 (Medium)

and there you have it - the nine-month long new house wait is finally over. we're in and we're happy.

thanks again to these people: jg, ka, ya, tm, dl, lp, sp, ah, sw, jj, jr, mg, jg, and rk. we couldn't have done it without you. well, that's not true. we could have done it but it would have taken us 6 years if we hadn't killed each other or ourselves before then. so thank you for saving us. i hope you liked the pizza.

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  1. a cd-release party, after all of that? You guys are nuts.

    Your last paragraph reads like a highschool yearbook, and that makes me laugh. But seriously, I'm glad we could help. And the pizza was very tasty, of course.