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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

santa elena

we spent our first full day in santa elena and visited the santa elena cloud forest reserve this morning. it was a very wet and drippy rain forest (though i assume all rain forests are kinda wet and drippy). we were looking for sloths and monkeys but saw neither. though our crazy bus driver somehow spotted a sloth way up in a tree on our drive back into town. all we could see was the sloth´s fur blowing in the wind.

we also went to a butterfly farm and j got to hold some pretty gross things (tarantulas, scorpions, cockroaches). we saw some really pretty butterflies and some really annoying tourists. we also stopped by the serpentarium and saw lots of snakes, turtles and other reptiles.

we´re staying here tonight and again tomorrow night and then we´ll see what´s going on. we´re hoping to head north to la fortuna and arenal for some windsurfing and volcano action.

gotta run!


  1. I can't say that I would welcome the prospect of holding a tarantula. Regardless of how safe it may or may not be.

    Cloud forests sound really cool though.

  2. Batman, I'm green with envy.