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Sunday, February 18, 2007

San Jose to Tamarindo

san jose, turns out, is not the place we wanted to be. it is a very big and unfriendly city that we didn't feel safe in. so we had to figure out where to go and do it quick.
so we figured out that we wanted to go to a coast. turns out that the flights to tortugero were sold out so we headed west and hit up tamarindo. it couldn't have come fast enough as we saw a man pooping on the side of the road on our way to the airport! gross!

the flight to tamarindo was not long but was hard on the stomachs and j almost almost threw up. we both were ghostly white when we got off the plane, but it was nice and tropical and humid and we were finally happy.

we found a little mid-range hotel to stay at and have been to the beach yesterday and today and even went surfing! i am so proud of myself and j was doing so well, even able to cut one way.. still working on cutting back though. i was too sore to try it again, but i'm hoping to go out sometime while we're here.

so the plan for now is to stay in tamarindo another night or two and then make our way east, though not by airplane. we're thinking of stopping in canas to see some volcanoes and then onto monteverde and santa elena. but it's all very by-the-seat-of-our-shorts-cause-we're-not-wearing-pants. you know.

and there you have it. unfortunately no pictures. we might cave and stay somewhere super nice one of these nights that has free internet but until then the pictures have to stay on the cameras.

hope you're all happy in canada!


  1. Shorts! It's not shorts weather here. Brrr....

    I'm so jealous of the surfing - I've always wanted to try.

  2. I did laugh quite a bit at the imagined look on your face when you saw the man taking a poop on the side of the road. Another Road Side Attraction. Bleh.

    I checked out a website on Tamarindo Bay and it looks fantastic. Excellent choice. I hope you get to caving.

    This weekend was Winterlude weekend. It was -2°C! It was so nice. I didn't wear snow pants, it was so temperate.