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Thursday, February 1, 2007

on a break

i'm thinking we'll take a little break from posting pictures. i can't even imagine how long it would take this blog to load with a slow internet connection. i never think about that anymore. though, i just did. i'm a walking contradiction.

i haven't been sleeping enough the past couple of nights. i would like to say that it's because i'm too excited to sleep (like that disneyworld commercial on tv last year) but it's not. i'm just not going to bed early enough. and i really have no excuse. i haven't played sports all week so no games keeping me out late, and consequently up late. just me, sitting around, not going to bed.

and have you noticed how dry it is these days? and i don't think it's only the office environment (complete with recirculated air!) that's dry, i think it's everywhere. i know i've zapped the cats about a kazillion times in the past week. the poor animals must think i'm out to get them.

oh, and speaking of animals, our little sandy has taken to chewing on my toothbrush. like the end i put in my mouth and use to brush my teeth. now that's going to far! i know she likes water, but my toothbrush? really, cat? zap!zap!

okay, in new house news, we brought some more stuff over yesterday and we went around and wrote down everything that needs fixing. we have some water issues, like water-leaking issues, and some cracks here and there but nothing super significant. well, other than the basement windows, but they already know about those.

we got our appliances yesterday so the kitchen is looking more like a kitchen. and the washer and dryer are in the basement, but not hooked up and not on their pedestals. that will be for later. now comes the packing. it finally hit me last night that we're running out of time for packing. this is the kind of pressure i need.

i'll be packing tonight if anyone needs me. zap!

ps. i sent out an email about the big move this saturday. email me if you would like to help but didn't receive my email. or call. you could always call.

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