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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


i want to tell you all sorts of stories and make you laugh but i've got nothing. i'm completely worn out from everything that i'm just barely making my way through the work day, only to come home and barely make it through the night, to get up and do it all again. i'm exhausted.

the house is great. it's really nice to have our own place and to come home to it everyday. it will feel even better when everything has been unpacked and we have things like a dryer. the perma-chaos is a little tiring.

work is crazy. i've never been this busy. my fingers are crossed that me being this busy though will look super good and i'll get a promotion. it could happen, you know.

sports are good. i took last week off to pack so when i got to my volleyball game monday night right at 8:30 (game started at 8:30) i was a little flustered and not mentally prepared to play. i did not play well. but then last night at hockey it was a little better. the intramural league is pretty crappy this season so i can use it as a little ego stroking after the beating i took at volleyball.

tonight i have hockey with my city team. last time i played with them i was sicksicksick but did okay, so i'm hoping i do okay this time too. and then the week will be mostly over and i can look forward to sleeping in on saturday.

wait, i already am.

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