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Friday, February 2, 2007

isn't this a cute picture of j:

165_6526 (Medium)

i was playing around with the camera and a paper towel roll. i got a good one of rolo eating but it's much darker and only i can tell it's rolo eating.

the house is starting to look more lived in:

February 1..  165_6529 (Medium)

and will only get more and more full of (and cluttered with) our stuff. we packed up a bunch of stuff after work yesterday, packed more glass and breakables in the car and headed out. we picked up our new recycling boxes and a new phone after getting free dinner (thanks gm&gp!) and getting j a hair cut. we dropped everything off at home and stopped by m&j's place to pick up some bins.

so my plans to go to bed earlier were dashed by all this running around and the fact that i get hungry at night. so i decided to stay up and watch grey's anatomy and eat toast. grey's anatomy was one of the best episodes yet so i'm really glad i stayed up.

and now we're in the home stretch. we have a lot of packing to do tonight and then a lot of moving to do tomorrow. and sunday we sleep in. i can't wait.

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