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Thursday, February 15, 2007

crappy crappy firewalls

you know when you post something and you lose your post? normally something happens with blogger. this morning, it was the firewalls at work all of a sudden wouldn't allow any website to be open. anything. we use the internet to view work files and even those weren't allowed. frustrating.

so i'm posting this again, or i'm trying to remember what i wrote and tell you all the same things. we'll see how it goes.


all yesterday i thought it was thursday. today is thursday and so yesterday was only wednesday. this week has been painfully slow but it's not because i'm so anxiously waiting to leave for the trip. it's because i'm tired. i've had sports every night this week so far and so much to do at work that the days are going by so slowly. being awake when you're this tired is painful.

but that doesn't stop me. besides, i get to sleep in tomorrow, if i'm not too excited to sleep. last night i played with my good hockey team. we were playing another local team that apparently has some of the girls i grew up playing with so that was fun. we won something like 6 or 7 - 0 and i scored the first goal (= the game-winning goal) and am pretty pleased with myself.

the weather made driving torturous. our new neighbourhood is far from everywhere when you drive between 20 and 40 km/h. but i made it to the game and home again without incident.


trip info

we're leaving tomorrow afternoon for san jose, costa rica. we'll be coming back friday, march 2 and have nothing booked for those two weeks yet. we have a vague idea of the places we want to visit so we'll put something together soon.

we will be communicating with family mostly by email but you can look for updates here too. we're hoping to take lots of pictures but aren't sure whether we'll be able to get them off the cameras and onto flickr while we're down there. we will try.


  1. Were the roads ever greasy yesterday! I couldn't believe it when I was trying to drive myself to my indoor soccer match. Coming down the queensway hill felt like I was on a slip-n-slide!

    Have a great trip!

  2. Have a blast! There is nothing better than exploring an unknown country. Take lots of pics!