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Monday, January 8, 2007

what's best

both saturday night and sunday during the day you would have found us packing. rolo was helping:

162_6225 (Medium)

we packed until we ran out of boxes saturday night and then went out and bought rubbermaid storage bins. sunday we had a quick but nice visit from my parents and were given about ten more boxes. and then we had to have a photocopy of j's id signed for his passport application so we went over to p&a's and were given another bunch of boxes. i haven't been doing the majority of the packing (i'm more the planning and organizing type who will pack when the move is tomorrow) but i'm guessing we won't need too many more.

sunday we also had a visit from j's dad. i was "given" my birthday present: he's going to take me to get a pack! i'm so excited! i've read all about them and know i need to have it fitted properly. i have a general idea of what to look for but have never looked at anything other than school bags before. and i think that having the pack will help me visualize how much stuff i can (and can't) bring on our trip.

trip!trip!trip! weeeeeee!
newhouse!newhouse!newhouse! weeeeeeeee!
birthday!birthday!birthday! weeeeeeeeeee!

is it so hard to believe that i can't concentrate at work?

and on that note i bring you this, a birthday wishlist of sorts. i've decided to make shopping for me for my birthday much easier on you and just list the things that i want. i'll make a link on the side bar for easy access. you can just take a peak right before you head out. easy peasy. i'll even put the items in categories for you. i'm so nice.

i really like chocolate
i drink hot chocolate and tea
i like pho

i will have a brand new house
i am going to costa rica
i would love to go hot air ballooning
my slippers are getting worn out
boring gift certificates are always welcome

general ideas to help you think up something on your own
i like to read books and magazines
i like to watch movies at home and in theatre (imax too!)
i knit
i scrapbook
i make stuff using freezer paper stencils
i like to take pictures
i like cats
i play baseball, hockey and volleyball
i drive a mazda3
i like music

i guess it's not so much a list of things but rather a list of categories. that's good enough though. talk to j, he can help you.

and in conclusion, just laugh at me because you know i'm kidding. but when i ask all of you to come out for my birthday, come. please come. i want 26 to be a good one!

*this really is just a joke. i don't expect things from anyone. i like things and would welcome things but i don't expect them. unless you live with me. then i expect something. anything really. just get me something. and make me a cake. did i mention that i like cake? you don't even have to make it if you don't want. i like those deep and delicious cakes too.


  1. I think Rolo looks more like he's making sure that you don't forget to bring him with you :)

    Your birthday list is clever and helpful... I'm already working on something!

    PS- How many boxes have you two used already? I'm a little worried about how much junk we have to pack and need a rough idea of what to expect... Thanks!

  2. Awesome news about the pack. be sure to post all about it when you pick one out. Personally a 60ish litre pack is plenty big enough, because I wouldn't actually want to carry any more than that, you know? Having a pack is like having an apartment/house, you just sort of fill it regardless of the space you have.

    Anyhoo, have fun picking one out and perusing the triumverate (sp?) of outdoor shops in Westboro, if you head out that way. yay!

  3. Batman, I just caught up on your life and COST RICA?! GOOD STUFF! I wanna hear stories and see pictures!

    I met a girl who worked my previous job at ISD for 8 months...straight. Most of the people are still there *ahem* But some have moved on.