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Monday, January 22, 2007

updates in my world

okay, i'm going to give you a robust post. a post with some meat to it. enough of this being sick business and more of this enjoying the birthday season that is upon us. and no, i'm not feeling much better, but really, it's been a week now. enough is enough!

friday night we went to dinner with a bunch of guys for vik and chris' birthdays. they had to wear the silly moose hats:
Day 023 January 19  163_6308 (Medium)

i bowed out of the celebrations even though chris and i share the same birthday. it just wasn't my night. after montana's we went to vik's place though didn't stay late because j had to go into work at midnight. the little trooper spent over three hours at work.

saturday day was mostly a write off, but you kinda expect that when you sleep in until mid-afternoon. we did go and buy a light fixture for the dining room though. it's nice, but it's on order. hopefully it won't be too long.. i don't know how long i can live with the ugmo one the house comes with.

we met some of j's work friends at the outback for dinner. man is that place ever expensive! we spent twice what we paid the night before. crazy stuff. after dinner we went over to l&s's little house, but again didn't stay long because j got called into work. this time he was there for almost twelve hours. that's right, he got home around the same time we usually are about to leave for work and collapsed into bed.

all would have been fine with a long sleep in and a lazy sunday until we heard rolo puking. this isn't out of the ordinary but still doesn't happen every day. we were both almost back to sleep when a waft of poo smell hits us. rolo, the poor guy, has some tummy trouble and always seems to bring it to our bed. that said, j got up and cleaned the puke while i took rolo and had a shower. then i hunkered down on the couch with my book, read until i fell back to sleep, and slept for hours and hours with the cats.

we went over to j's grandparent's place for his grandmother's birthday, but i was completely surprised when i was given presents too. surprise birthday attack! i got a book and some gift certificates. oh, i finally took a picture of my pack. it's a 50L asolo:
Day 024 January 20  163_6322 (Medium)

i really like it and am looking forward to the trip. i made the list that i was talking about of what we need to bring and haven't had a nightmare since.

now that you're all caught up on the goings on in my life, i will leave you with these two pictures:

163_6325 (Medium)

192_9255 (Medium)


  1. Those are crazy work hours for J!!

    Hey, that's a beautiful pack, I'm excited for you!

    Packing is pretty fun, because you have to imagine what you might end up doing and what you'll need for it. My problem is remembering that I'm not going to Mars, and if I need batteries, I can buysome rather than carting a 3 pounds of contingency double and triple a's. Notw I try to take a set of spares and that's it. Anyhoo, nice pics. I also woke up to the smooth stylings of cat barfing this morning. Ugh.

  2. Sorry you've been feeling teh Sick. Nice pack though...