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Thursday, January 4, 2007

trips and falls

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yesterday i booked off a block of time for our trip to costa rica. and then i got nervous. it's weird, but booking the time off makes it seem so much more real. that, and the pain in my arm from my hepA shot, is a good reminder that we are actually going somewhere. i've read lots and lots about the country and know the things i want to see and do. we have a very general plan but we have to iron it out. we're going the backpacking route so there will be much moving around and not so much lying around the same place. it's totally not us, not what we do, but that makes it so much more exciting.

so half my mind is thinking about costa rica and about getting away and the other half is thinking about getting in the new house and settling down. kinda conflicting thoughts. we went after work yesterday to the bank to pull out our money from j's rrsp. it's one third of our downpayment so we have to have it in time. and then there's the packing. j is a machine and works on something packing-related every day. me - not so much.

and back to traveling: we got our passports in the mail yesterday. well, that's a half truth. i got my passport in my new name (they really just stamped one of the pages saying i changed my name which seems laughably non-official). j got his application back saying he needs a guarantor to sign more papers. whoops! now it's a rush deal i'm sure. apparently they have people on call 24 hours a day for rush situations and one woman was called in christmas eve for someone stuck at the airport. it's interesting when you know someone who works at passport canada and can ask all sorts of crazy questions, like how much calling someone in on christmas eve costs (apparently money can buy you lots of things).

and back to the house: we need more boxes! thankfully we have friends who just moved and saved their boxes for us (hi matt and julie! we want your boxes!)

and last thing, there's a tiny part of my brain dedicated to thoughts of my birthday. i'm going to turn 26 and i'm determined to do it in style.


  1. the title is "trips and falls" and then a picture of the doctor's office? That's just plain mean.

    Good luck to J for his passport application. Nothing a that little bit of extra taxpayer money won't fix. I'm sure it wouldn't be as pricy as a Christmas Eve call-in.

    About the 'backpacking' part of the trip - do you have one? Packs are a fairly personal thing but if you or J want to try mine on for size you're welcome to it.

  2. I second the trips and fallss and doc's office, though you were smiling so it wasn't too bad :-) And about the apssport, I believe it's an extra $75 or so to have an overnight deal if you need that. I don't know if you're in 'rush' territory yet, but yeah, you can totally buy your way out.

    Packs! I will send you an e-mail with my likes and dislikes of some packs I've had and anything I know about them. Alan, I bet they'd like to hear your opinion on yours. Did you end up discovering any annoyances with the one you got? Sometimes it takes a while to figure outsomething irritating until you see how you use it and what features you'd prefer.

    Anyhoo, I'm excited for you guys, you have so much going on!