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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

please excuse me, mister

i have a two-day training course downtown. it's the mandatory-for-all-new-government-employees welcome-to-the-public-service orientation. wow. let's just say that it was a mega long day today and i'm really looking forward to my bed.

here's a picture though of the building where the training is taking place:

162_6236 (Medium)

it's a really nice building downtown. i made it there on time this morning (i'm usually late so this was a little strange for me) after going into work for a bit. and then sat through a lot of (pretty boring) government talk. at least they fed us well and had a never-ending supply of caffeine. i don't normally drink tea but i had two cups.

the food is remarkably good and the people at my table are proving to be a little rebellious which is fun. we were learning about the 30-second elevator speech, basically, the sum up of you that you can throw at a person, in an elevator say, that will make them want more. we were joking that it was our pick up line instead. "hi, my name is batman. i like long walks on the beach..."

other than that, my big excitement is that we won our volleyball game last night. we started at 7pm and i was home before 8pm. it was quick and i played pretty well. i might just concede to the fact that i hit more often with my right hand and go with it. but maybe i would be sad for my left hand. and then tonight, my hockey team won 6-0, finishing the season in first place. eventhough the other team was terrible and we dominated them so badly, it was a fun game. we only had eight skaters so i'm thinking that was the reason.

turns out i have a tournament this weekend with my other hockey team so i have a game friday night and a couple saturday. i might need to upgrade some of my equipment though. about a month ago, one of my skate laces started fraying. me, being the girl i am, taped it up and it's been okay. i know it's going to break any time now, likely in the middle of a game. no problem, i found more laces in my hockey bag, oddly enough. but then there's the piece of equipment that holds up my socks (a garter, but i don't like the word), one of the little clip thingys broke. i tapped it and it too held up for the game. i'm hoping that this bandaid fix will be good enough but i have no back up, other than more tape, if it isn't. i've had the thing since i started playing back in 93. i was twelve. it has seen better days.

and that is everything you ever wanted to know about my hockey equipment, unless of course, you are that random guy from the bar last friday night (remember "which way do you shoot. cool." and so on.) my bed is calling.


  1. Hey batman,

    I've got some equipment from my pathetic attempt at playing hockey, back in grade 12. I think I have garter/jill combo shorts you can have if you're interested... drop me a line.

  2. The food at the 2-day orientation thing was so good. Breakfast specifically. I love breakfast.

    We will have to gab about our shared experiences in this 2-day orientation soon.