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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

pictures, as requested

i got the call at work about 1:15pm. i rushed home, grabbed j and we headed to the lawyer's office. they gave us the keys and we were on our way. i took about a million pictures (91 to be exact, j took 18) and ran around the whole house. we turned on the gas fireplace and set off the smoke detector three times. we stopped by home but quickly left again for the mall where we picked up a big cheque and j's passport. we dropped some stuff off at the new place, got pho at the new pho place in barrhaven and went to walmart and bought some bathroom fixtures. now j has something to do tomorrow while waiting for the appliances to be delivered.

now we're home and i'm dead tired. enjoy the pictures below and check out my flickr page for more, way more.

January 30..  192_9260 (Medium)

January 30..  164_6500 (Medium)

January 30..  164_6439 (Medium)

January 30..  164_6476 (Medium)

January 30..  164_6494 (Medium)


  1. Well done. Thank you for posting the pictures.

    Every picture is so shiny! Shiny keys, shiny windows, shiny floors, shiny smiles! And Shiny Rock Duck. Brilliant.

  2. Wow... Looks GREAT! I can't wait till you've finished furnishing/decorating. More pictures then! :)

    I suddenly feel so old now.

  3. LOVE your new home. You guys must be so happy!

    I love the pic of the keys hanging from the door.

  4. Very nice! Can't wait to see it in person.

  5. I am SO glad you are so good about putting pictures up so quickly! Your house is beautiful and so bright and comfortable looking.

    Congratulations! Now that it's the day it feels like it came up pretty fast. Wasn't it a few months away last week? AAAh!

    Anyway, that's awesome. I love how rockduck was the first thing out of the bag and into the pictures.

    I can't wait to see it in person.
    yay you!

  6. CONGRATS! You must feel so relieved now that it's all said and done - what exactly does that feel like? ;)

  7. thanks everyone! we're super happy with the house so far. there are some minor things, mostly having to do with water and leaking taps, that will have to be fixed and j has already learned exactly how magical magic eraser is. we should have some actual we've-moved-in pictures monday.

  8. Wow. The house looks amazing!