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Thursday, January 11, 2007

i championed my way through

i made it through my two days of training. it was tough at times and okay at others. i met some nice people and am really glad that my table was fun. and can you believe that i had my first tour of parliament? how does somebody grow up in the public school system and not see parliament? impressive.

i'm also impressed with myself for taking this picture:

Day 014 January 10  162_6256 (Medium)

last night i treated myself to a night in. in other words, i had nothing planned. i put on my comfy clothes, ate old pizza and watched tv. i was in bed before midnight and was pleasantly surprised when i woke up during the night and it was only 12:37. normally i'll wake up and it'll be after 6 and the alarm has already been going off for a while and it's time to get up. i had more than five hours of sleep left and i was happy.

other things that make me happy: countdowns.

13 days left till my birthday
19 days left till house
36 days left till trip

but now it's work time.


  1. countdowns mean that your life is getting busy soon!

    What did you think of parliament? Did you get to see any shenanigans in the commons?

  2. When I went on that tour, I had a corkscrew in my bag . . . which they confiscated. Parliament is very particular about who brings corkscrews on to The Hill. They considered the foil cutter a jack knife.

    I just think they want to make sure I wasn't going to run around, offering my wine opening services to members of Parliament. That could be in contravension of the Accountability Act.