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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

happy birthday to me!

i am officially 26! i don't feel any older, which is nice. i feel happy so this year is starting off well.

j gave me my present last night. i got into bed and it was all warm. sometimes he will lie on my side before i get into bed to warm it up for me. he's nice that way. so when my side was all toasty i thanked him for warming it up. he said happy birthday and i laughed. great present, j, you warmed up my side of the bed. but it stayed warm. he got me an electric blanket! we were toasty and warm until we fell asleep. it was bliss!

and i got into work today and have already received three cards and a balloon. everyone is saying happy birthday... it's much nicer (i will admit) to my stealth birthday at work last year.

so today i have a section meeting and then lunch at local heroes with my current group and my old group (switching definitely has its perks!) my parents are coming over after work and then i'm going out for dinner with friends (let me know if you want to come and i'll give you the details!) but my big present to myself is to go to bed early. especially after such a full day.

happy birthday to me! happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday Batman.
    I hope you have a great time and enjoy being 26. Love the pics on your blog by the way.
    Best wishes,

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  4. Happy Birthday! Hooray!

    I am big supporter of the age 26. I love that number. :D

    Enjoy your day!

    What a fantastic present, that heating blanket. Well done J.

  5. Happy Birthday Batman! Exactly one month before my 2nd annual 29th!

    Enjoy your day!