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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

happy birthday baby

isn't this a great picture?

162_6276 (Medium)

maybe if i ever did ski (i avoided using the past tense because i don't know how to write it) i would know what "fartage" means, but i don't and so i think it's ridiculously funny, even if that makes me immature. fartage!

man, i feel like i haven't posted anything in forever, but really, i'm being too hard on myself. some people hardly post ever... i miss a day and feel strange. hmph.

i promised you pictures so this post will be full of them. this is my life:

1) it finally snowed and is now super cold and frosty outside. here is j shoveling (i was inside making dinner.. divide and conquer):
Day 019 January 15  162_6279 (Medium)

2) winning that tournament this past weekend got us this, a giant trophy:
Day 018 January 14  162_6278 (Medium)

winning the intramural league got us a cheque for one hundred dollars. i did not feel the need to take a picture of the cheque, though i will be heading out after my game next tuesday for eats and possibly drinks to partake in my share of the money.

3) we booked our flights to costa rica. here is a picture of us both clicking to confirm the purchase:
162_6273 (Medium)

4) i am out of pictures. my other stories are that we won our volleyball game monday night quite easily and i am proud to say that i'm hitting much better than the start of the season and even ended the game on a nice hit from the back row while being yelled at by our biggest and possibly best player. she's a little scary.. in a good way (when you're on her team).

4.5) after the game we went out to broadways which was fun and nice and cheap (splitting nachos 4 ways has it's advantages) but when i was showered and ready for bed, the sick hit me. everyone is sick and at this point, i think we should maybe give some credit to whatever bug is out there making us all miserable and call it "the sick". so anyways, the sick got me and i had to down some advil in order to fall asleep. i woke up yesterday thinking my throat had closed and whimpering enough so that j let me stay home. i was in bed most of the day and only got dressed to go to hockey. i'm classy.

5) we had our pre-delivery inspection this morning. it was two hours of going around the house, pointing out everything that needs to be fixed. the guy was very nice and helpful. we are pleasantly... pleased with our decision to buy urbandale, with our design choices and scaredly scared that we close in two weeks and will no longer have any money.

5.5) j gets a raise, two actually, very soon so that kinda counteracts the lack of money due to house buying.

6) we will have a house. house = money. house = spend more money on house-y stuff. toss-up.

7) after the inspection we got sweet sweet mcdonalds. egg, ham and cheese are such a great combination. did i mention the greese they put on there too? that's also good.

8) i'm at work. i'm holding up but dreaming of being at home.

9) because all good lists should go to ten, i will end at nine (i ran out of things to tell you). here is an updated countdown:

one week left till my birthday
two weeks left till house
one month left till costa rica

ps. my birthday season is officially here! i stole this idea from my friend, a, who reasons that with all the things you get and places you go and parties you have, a birthday is really a birthday season that lasts a couple weeks before and a couple weeks after your actual birthday. since i got my first birthday present this past sunday (a super nice pack for costa rica - thanks j&m!) birthday season has begun!


  1. lindsay p. says:
    Fartage is French for waxing in the ski/snowboard sense. I believe the term "fartage" is also used in the English language (not exclusively skiing, however) as in "Brain Fartage". ;) Though, you quite often see people doing things that would require major brain fartage while skiing/snowboarding.

    On the topic of fast food, Sean and I got Crazy Bread from Little Caesar's after his soccer game in Kanata last night. It was sweet.

  2. wow - so much to comment on!

    Add me to the list of people that giggled when they read "fartage". I have no idea what it actually means, etiher.

    Congrats on the trophy, and the cash(!), and on booking your flights to (and from, I'm assuming...) Costa Rica. Now that winter is finally here , sunny southern climes sound so much sweeter.

    Glad to hear the pdi went well. Now, just two weeks of intense anticipation before the cardboard box shuffle begins!

  3. lp: was i talking about fast food? have you tried the awesome bread from jack astors? it's the garlic bread ball of greasy goodness, therefore awesome bread.

    a: my birthday breaks up the time between now and house. plus we have a good 4 days between closing and moving. i'm not expecting the anticipation to be intense, well no more intense than it has been i suppose.

  4. You mentioned McDonald's!

    I have had that garlic bread. I love the deep-dishness of it. I split it with a friend before her and I went to a concert at The Bank last March. The other part of my meal was a salad. You are soo right! That bread is tres awesome.

  5. lp: you're right, of course. think i can remember anything for more than 5 minutes?? don't think so!

  6. How could anyone look at the word "fartage" and not giggle? Really. Deep down, we are all 12 years old.