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Monday, January 1, 2007

first post of 2007

happy new year!

i was very intrigued by innerdorothy's year in review so i've decided to do one of my own. so here is the first line of the first post of every month of 2006:

we went to a house party for new year's.

when i was younger i was a huge fan of horoscopes and read mine every day.

j's sister is in town so we've been very busy.

i like this picture of me.

i took my last bus ride this morning.

again with the baseball last night.

i had to bus downtown after work last night to pick something up. (i obviously lied in may.)

like the title says, i can post from work.

this week has been a long one.

j and i worked 9-5 friday and i spent all day miserable from pho nam and right near the end of the day, after everyone had left, i found some pretty huge problems with two submissions of mine. (longest sentence ever!)

i actually remember when i was younger learning about how to make words mean their opposites using little words stuck on the beginning.

welcome back, my valued readers.

turns out i'm not very exciting and even contradicted myself once. wow. remind me next year this probably isn't the best way of showcasing myself.

anyways, last night we opted for two of the three parties and had fun at landon and sheri's and then at vik's.

160_6078 (Medium)

the pictures are up on my flickr site.


  1. Happy new year! I like the year-in-review, even despite the contradictions. Be proud that you have a post from every month to use for it - that's an accomplishment!