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Wednesday, January 3, 2007


i'm finding that project365 is changing me. i'm taking more pictures but i'm also taking the time to think about the picture before i take it. i think it helps that i'm taking pictures of things, of objects, more now and things don't generally move as much as people do. it's weird though, i thought i would have a hard time remembering to take a picture every day. my problem is deciding which picture to put in the album to represent my day. that's not easy, even for those boring days where the bulk of my time is spent in front of my computer screen at work.

i went for a run last night. it felt great and so the picture i took of my glowing running shoes was the picture i chose for the project. but while i was outside i saw that it was a full moon and was set on getting a great shot of the moon for my set. i did get some nice shots of the moon, my favourite being through the branches of the lilac bush,but i didn't chose it:

161_6161 (Medium)

so i've set up an album in flickr of pictures that didn't make the cut for the project365 album but that don't really go with the other pictures in my account. pictures of things are interesting in a different way than pictures of people. pictures of people remind me of a good night out or of family get togethers. pictures of things are often pretty to look at, but i find myself wanting the story behind the image. i want to know why someone decided to take a picture of a bowl of soup or a sunset.

if you're considering doing a project365 or something similar, i would urge you to check out flickr. i use flickr because i like the interface and the usability of it. but also, flickr has groups for everything, including multiple groups for this project. it's really interesting to follow other people along the way and see what they chose to showcase for their project. have i convinced you?

all this without caffeine.

some updates on my life: we went to the walk-in clinic yesterday after work and were able to get j his first shot for hepA. we'll go back this afternoon and get mine. you only need one shot to protect you for 6-12 months, which will cover us for costa rica so we're feeling good about that. now we start seriously looking into when is best for us to go and talk to the bosses about getting time off. i get to use up my vacation days i've been saving (this is the first job i've had with paid time off so i'm pretty excited).

and we've both booked off january 30th for house stuff. that's closing day and that's really soon! 4 weeks yesterday. we have some serious packing to do.


  1. lindsay p. says:
    My shoulder/upper arm hurt so much following my Hep A vaccine. For like, a week!

    Oddly, my arm was fine after the follow-up shot though. There is a theory that my arm hurt the first time round because Sean punched me in his sleep.

  2. are you using your little camera or the big one? I can't picture you taking the big one along for the jog.

  3. lp: yuck about the arm. i can't remember the last time i had a shot, but j was saying his arm was sore. he is much more muscle-y than me though so maybe it'll be okay.

    alan: when i got home from my run i went inside and grabbed both cameras. i still don't know how to use the big one so got frustrated and grabbed the small one. i've been using the small one exclusively for the past couple of weeks (for portability) though.