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Saturday, January 6, 2007

driving through the haze

i had a hockey game last night with my new team. this is a city team that is somewhat competitive and definitely much better than my tuesday night team. after a nap and quick dinner, i drove myself out to russell. it was kinda foggy which was neat.

the game went well. i had three assists and generally played well. then there was the drive home. the fog was craaazy.. i've never driven in anything like it. it took us over an hour to get back into town (almost twice as long as it took to get out there). we went to a little bar in the east end and i was able to meet some of the girls. there was also this super annoying guy that one of the girls (when i say girls i really mean women) knows. he sat beside me and kept asking me hockey-related questions (in a dumb voice: so which way do you shoot? oh cool. what kind of helmet do you have? i have a reebok one. my skates are $900. ... and so on - brutal!) finally, my goalie switched spots with him and rescued me from his annoyingness.

anyways, i finally got home and wanted to take a picture of the fog. this is one of the good shots:

162_6214 (Medium)

i'm pleased that my little point-and-shoot was able to take a decent shot in the dark in the fog.

my last post i talked about sleeping in and believe me, that's exactly what i did today. i was out of bed a little before 1pm. it was so gray out that i didn't feel like i was missing out on my day. i finally dragged myself up, went to two wedding shows downtown with jess while j shopped for pants and shoes, and came back home. tonight is a packing/organizing night. not very exciting for a saturday night, but sometimes it's what's best.

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