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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


on this, my last day as a twenty-five year-old, i wanted to reflect on my year. it was a strange year in so many ways. i didn't play hockey like usual, i was knitting and scrapbooking once a week with friends, we bought a house, i got to finally quit a job (not just have my contract end) and start a really good job, i got to play in hope, i got to get on a really good volleyball team, and i got to book a huge vacation.

it's incredible that i just tried to sum up a whole year of my life in one short little paragraph. i did tons of stuff and am generally happy with everything i've done and accomplished and have planned to do. sure there are things i didn't do (like go to australia) but i'm happy. i'm happy!

it could be because i'm finally feeling a little better. i'm conquering the sick and i have so many things happening this week it makes my head spin.

oh, and did i mention that it's only one week until we get our house? holy crap!

and in conclusion i give you rockduck:

Day 026 January 22  163_6358 (Medium)

rockduck was a present from j's parents. it was a christmas present but for the new house.


  1. Your conclusion from last year: "I'm happy"

    My advice for next year - stay happy!

    p.s. I love rockduck.

  2. happy birthday tomorrow!