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Friday, January 26, 2007


isn't it beautiful??

Day 029 January 25  163_6371 (Medium)

sylvia is an awesome cake decorator. and in case you have any doubts, here is the cake she decorated last year:



let's back up a little bit. i didn't mention that our car won't start. we woke up yesterday morning and j was sick and stayed in bed. i got all ready like usual and went to start the car and got nothing. nothing. nothing. and finally a burning smell so i stopped. i figured i would give it a couple of hours and try again. so i did and i did and nothing. nothing. nothing. i called into work and told them about my car and sat back down. and then i realized that i had tons of work to do and that i could cab to work. fifteen dollars later i was at work and had no idea how i was getting home.

early afternoon, j went out and found out that the battery was dead from all the times i tried to start the car and that it just won't go when it's this cold (hello minus twenty, the poor car does not like you!) the problem is that with the house closing on tuesday (eeeeeep!) we have lots of stuff to do before then. lots of stuff that needs wheels. yes, there are busses. yes, we could ask people. but really, just the thought of depending on either public transit or friends was overwhelming so i rented a car. i set it all up at work, found myself a ride home (from a lovely coworker), got myself a ride to the rental place, and got myself the brightest-red-ever car. it's a little accent which is much different from the 3 but it starts.

so then i scooted my fire engine red car and myself to a&s's house for dinner and cake and fun. they made pho and it was awesome. we all ate with chopsticks and flung food everywhere. then cake and tea and presents and finally board games. my parents gave me cranium pop 5, which is cranium but pop-culture-themed. it was hilarious! alan and i lost but we had tons of fun. a game of scattergories topped the night off.

i zoomed myself home, grabbed some orange juice for sickie on the way, and fell into bed just after midnight. this morning was rough, i'm still battling the sick, but the car started and i'm at work. today we have to go to the bank and get the certified cheque and then go give said certified cheque to our lawyer. the house is so close i can almost taste it! a funny coworker was saying that you have to lick anything you want to keep (remember when you were little and your younger brother would grab one of your cookies and lick it so you wouldn't want it anymore? i do) so she was joking that i would be running around the house licking all the walls. gross... but i just might have to. eeeee new house!

best. birthday. ever.


  1. the first cake has nice use of opposite (complementary) colours....

  2. beautiful! lucky girl to have a friend who is talented with cakes! Imagine if she was the best bran muffin decorator. Or something. I guess those would probably still be awesome too, knowing Sylvia :)

    I'm glad you got more cake