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Friday, January 19, 2007

birthday season starts with the sick

i'm still dealing with the sick. it's not fun. except that i hardly had to work at all this week. this is my first job with paid leave so i would have normally gone in feeling the way i did, but i said screw it and stayed home. all that to say that i'm am NOT interesting or fun these days.

and i haven't yet taken a picture of my pack to show you but i did have two dreams related to my new pack. the first was that we got to the airport but had forgotten our packs at home. i can't remember the second. either way, i'm listening to my brain and making a list of things to pack for costa rica. i'm going to do what my friend, m, did and lay everything out on the floor and cut down on the things i won't need.

and that's about it. maybe i'll go out tonight and maybe i'll be more exciting tomorrow.

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