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Thursday, January 25, 2007

best birthday EVER!

yesterday was officially my best birthday ever. for real. i did what i wanted to do i saw the people i wanted to see. first, my wonderful coworkers made my feel special. i amassed about a million cards and felt good. there was a definite theme to my cards:

Day 028 January 24  163_6365 (Medium)

then we went out for lunch. it was good. i got to leave work on time, which was nice, and then my parents came over to give me my present. we hung out for a while and went to east sides with a bunch of people and again had a good time. it was weird though, you know how they make you stand on a chair and they sing to you? well they did that, but they faced me away from my friends and towards the rest of the restaurant. odd. and i like how you spin the little prize wheel thingy and then they ask you what you want anyways. why have the wheel at all? i won/chose a free dessert.

163_6362 (Medium)

now i would like to stress that i have not had enough cake this birthday season. i had one piece last sunday night and it was good cake, don't get me wrong, but one piece?! it's my birthday - i need more cake! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for some tonight.


  1. I'm glad Jon took that picture of you standing on the chair. ;)

    That picture is like when you are at a concert but you have a better view of the band from the screens at the concert or the follow-up media coverage/DVD release.

  2. Two words: Dairy Queen... get yourself a whole ice cream cake this weekend - you'll need the extra calories for moving next week! ;D

  3. the whole having me face the other half of the restaurant was super weird. i should have moved the chair....

    i had some cake last night and even have the rest of it at home now. i'm going to eat it allllll!