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Monday, January 15, 2007


i'm still here. it was a long weekend and now i'm at work but wishing i was still in bed. the hockey tournament i had wore me out completely. we played friday night, saturday morning and afternoon and sunday afternoon. i thought i would be okay but i didn't factor in that i would want to do things besides hockey.

we did some pretty major things this weekend. we paid for our appliances after work friday, we bought our plane tickets to costa rica saturday afternoon, we saw the movie children of men saturday night, we went shopping for packs sunday afternoon and then we had family dinner sunday night. oh, and of course we watched two hours of 24, which is finally on again.

now it's snowing and winter is finally looking canadian. i would love to be curled up in my bed, with a cat or two and a good book. apparently my hermetic tendencies are showing themselves. i will have lots of pictures to show you soon.


  1. Finally looking Canadian - I second that statement. I also second the statement about wishing to be curled up in bed.

    If only I had a laptop computer. :-P

    For the record, I believe you meant "hermitic". Hermetic doesn't quite mean the same thing:

    her·met·ic /hɜrˈmɛtɪk/
    1. made airtight by fusion or sealing.
    2. not affected by outward influence or power; isolated.
    3. (sometimes initial capital letter) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of occult science, esp. alchemy.
    4. (initial capital letter) of or pertaining to Hermes Trismegistus or the writings ascribed to him.

  2. We're getting our Canadian ice crap weather over here, it sucks but it's better than Spring so I'll take it happily.

    Your weekend sounds absolutely packed. I bet you don't feel rested at all. I went to a 7 hour pot luck last night for Texas trip planning and things actually went pretty well. I'm always reminded of how much I like food. SOmeone made cupcakes! Those things are just so good. Underrated, really.

    Excitement on the tickets to CR! Did you use an agent? Did you see any promising packs or meet a useful salesperson? Jeez, so many nosy questions. I hope your day today is relaxed :-)

  3. alan, definitely not a word i use often, obviously. but thank you.

    m, i'll email you with all the details... way too much to post here.

  4. "Raj Binder Goes Berserk!"
    YEAH! 24!
    I'm really looking forward to this evening's episodes. Shaun Majumder as a terrorist? Whoa. 22 Minutes will never be the same.

  5. Kal Penn is who you're thinking of.

    IMDB link

    What kind of name is that anyhow? Kumar. What is that, five o's or two u's?

  6. j: no man. Shaun Majumder! Check it tonight.
    CBC Article

    "No, it's actually one 'u' "

  7. Costa Rica sounds pretty nice right now! I'm tired just listening to your weekend, sounds really busy. I still havent watch 24. I think I would really enjoy it, so I stay away from it while in school.. for now..

  8. I stand corrected. A bit of a change of pace for him...and Kumar I suppose.

    I screwed up with the pivver tonight, so it's currently being downloaded.

  9. we won't have a pvr in two weeks.. who knows how we will survive without!