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Friday, January 5, 2007

a little freak out

first, i want to apologize for the title of my last post. i didn't realize that you might think i tripped and fell and possibly hurt myself. i really don't spend time thinking of my titles, and their possible meanings, so i'm sorry if i alarmed anyone. the trip was referring to costa rica and the falls, well, there was no reference there. the doctor's office was for the hepA shot.

so we're picking our way slowly through all the details that go along with buying a house. who knew that there were so many things that needed to be done, paid for, squared away, dealt with, booked, organized, whatever. it's incredible, but what's more incredible are the people who do all this in weeks. it's been 8 months since we signed for the house and will be nine by the time we move in. but between now and move in there is so much to do.

and that possibly caused a little freak out last night. so much so that i went ahead and booked a truck for february 3rd - moving day - and made a list of all of our stuff. i emailed around for boxes (if you have boxes we will love you forever!) and thought of the things we need to get (packing tape, rubbermaid containers, possibly clear garbage bags for clothes....) i'm also going to figure out our line of credit and how to access it. it's not with the bank we use daily so it isn't tied into our debit cards. ah details details.

we're drowning in details.

and there are still other things i'm thinking about. i'm playing hockey tonight with my new team. i'm really not sure how it will go. i'm just hoping i'm not too rusty after having 2 weeks off. so there's that and i have to go to two wedding shows tomorrow afternoon. thankfully i found someone to come along so it shouldn't be terrible. (this is work, people! on the weekend!) i guess that's it. i'm feeling the need to make something. i haven't knit or scrapbooked in a long time and miss them both. at least i've been running.

have you heard of google maps pedometer? i've been waiting for this tool for a long time. you can map out your route and it will calculate how far you went. so i've been doing this and taking screenshots and saving them in a folder... kind of like a virtual log of my running. it's very neat and helpful.

so that's my story for today. this weekend i'm looking forward to catching up on some sleep. tgif!

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