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Monday, December 4, 2006


welcome back, my valued readers. i took a much-needed break and stayed away from work and blogging and people and the outdoors for days. i'm not sure it helped much as i still feel somewhat sick, like this bug won't be shaken, but i slept lots and did stuff that needed to be done.

side note: i sound so hard done by but i'm totally not.

quick recap of my life since my last post: thursday was a regular day. we stayed home friday and slept in until after noon. it was nasty out and we didn't leave the house. saturday was much of the same except it was sunny and we left the house eventually. we got to finally meet sj's beau.

yesterday was my second annual christmas cookie exchange! 15 lovely ladies participated in this event.

190_9082 (Medium)

i love this picture and am sad that it's blurry:
190_9086 (Medium)

we had a good time though and ate lots of cookies. i'm in awe of the cats though. rolo was into everything (i had them locked up for a lot of the night, but let them out nearing the end when i had to get coats from the room they were in) and didn't puke.

congratulations to becky, specialk and caroline who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. everyone's cookies were great!

other than that, sandy figured out the tv and watched for a bit:
190_9078 (Medium)

our cats are like a little married couple, even though they are brother and sister:
190_9064 (Medium)

i went out to get a couple of things before the party and saw this, birds on a wire:
158_5841 (Medium)

doesn't it look like winter has been here for a while? well this was just day 2 of snow. hmm.


  1. Oh man, I was so sad about missing the cooking but then you had me with the snow. Yay snow! We are currently at this very moment getting our first real snow (outside of that one in early october). Yeah!

    I hope that you are feeling better...'tis the season for illness I guess, but bundle up and drink lots of hot chocolate. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that it's got healing powers. Or something. Possibly I'm making that up BUT ANYWAY.

    I will see you soon! Take care! eat cookies and be happy! I'm using up the world's supply of exclamation points! But it's SNOWING!!!

  2. Just what you need after a night of eating cookies.... Hot Chocolate Therapy. Might be time to pre-order some insulin shots, maybe?

    In other news, I have only eaten ~50 of the 1372 M&Ms. And I haven't had any today. But I will. Yes. Soon.

  3. I had a great time last night - thanks again!

    I noticed you guys bought the Yamaha Y 170 Surround system - I just bought that for Em for his birthday. Do you guys like the sound?

  4. m, you know how i am about hot chocolate... nothing's changed since we worked together.

    a, you're talking to me about insulin shots?! do you remember how many m&ms were in that jar? 1372! lots!

    riz! where have you been? ever since you password-protected your blog i haven't been able to read it. what gives?

    k1, i'm glad you came and i'm glad you had a good time. i'm sorry about that confusing country question. the sound system is really good. it's awesome for cranking jt's sexyback (i'm not kidding).

  5. SO embarassing. It wasn't confusing, I am just an idiot. I thought question #6 was something else, and the "country" question was #7.

    Sexyback is a GREAT song.