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Friday, December 15, 2006

the spirit and where to find it

i think i found some of that elusive christmas spirit i was talking about yesterday. let me tell you where it was hiding: in my world of not-getting-enough-sleep. last night i was asleep by 10pm. i had been needing a night like that all week and i finally got it and this morning, lo and behold, i woke up as little miss sunshine. no joke. i found my christmas spirit.

so i put on christmas socks, the only pair i own, and some christmas-y underwear (use your imagination because that's all i'm giving you!) and grabbed the pasta salad i made last night and went off to work. this isn't just any pasta salad, it's christmas pasta salad. i put red and green peppers in it and put the whole thing in a green ziploc container and toted it in a red plastic bag. i'm OOZING christmas spirit today.

the pasta salad is for a potluck we have this afternoon. and then there's a potluck dinner/party tonight with my ball team. i have a feeling that tonight's going to be very centered on two people and possibly not the most fun in the world, but at least i'm mentally prepared for that. i still have to wrap the present for the gift exchange and figure out what to bring for the potluck. oh, and figure out how i'm getting there, where "there" is, and other logistics like that.

you know, this time of year is kind of overwhelming with all the potlucks and parties and gift exchanges and people you should see and santas everywhere. at least it's 8 degrees out and not blizzard-y. that would make it much harder but MUCH MORE CHRISTMAS-Y!! get my point, winter? you're supposed to be here and well, i miss you. i never thought i would say it but the snow is what makes christmas christmas and as much as i hate trudging through 7 feet of gucky brown snow and sludge to get anywhere for 4 months of the year, the new, fluffy, sparkling white, pretty snow really signifies christmas and WHERE THE H*LL ARE YOU, SNOW??

i admit, i spent one christmas in florida when i was younger. that was the year i learned the truth about santa clause: he can't give you as many gifts when you're away from home (read: your parents spent all that money getting your sorry ass to florida so they can only afford a couple presents for each of you). to be fair, i think my parents took us to florida then because we had free accomodations and they didn't want us to miss school. i think that was the trip my brother stood on a red ant pile thingy and got little red bites all over his body and cried for days whill being slathered with calamine lotion. good times.

all that said, and there was a lot said, i want some snow because i can only ooze this spirit for so long without it.


  1. I used the same strategy and had a full 8 hours of sleep last night. However, I feel rested but no more christmas-y than before.

    I blame it entirely on my lack of christmas underwear.

  2. Why the HECK don't they make underoos for adults?? People would buy The Grinch Underwear if it were only big enough for all of us, I'm certain of it. And all kinds of other licensed material, geez.

    Batman, although I definitely want you to get the Christmas spirit, I do kind of also want you to not have to ooze to have it, you know? It seems...uncomfortable.

    I bought [tmi]a massive pile of underwear in Australia [/tmi] because they have a good brand and it's all very fun. When I need particular emotional support (insert tmi joke here) I wear my space monky underpants, and I cry that everyone in Canada can't also have good quality space monkey underpants. It's a real shame. Think of the lost productivity!

  3. I hope you wore more than just your christmas socks and underwear to work.. 8-)!!
    I know what you're saying about the snow, I miss it too! I've got lots of christmas spirit this year though, more than I have ever had I think! I am not sure why that is. Maybe because I am done exams early this year and I can actually think about christmas earlier than 2 days before...