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Thursday, December 21, 2006

project 365

i'm toying with the idea of doing project 365. i think it would be (very) challenging but with amazing returns. imagine being able to flip through a year of your life. it's almost like being a celebrity.. you ever think about how many pictures celebrities have taken of them daily? they'd never have to look far for a decent shot of themselves. i digress, project 365 sounds neat so i'm going to think about it some more.

i have exciting news, but it's about wildlife. well, the wildest of the "life" that lives in our house currently. that's right, i'm talking about mice. about 4 am the cats and i were woken up by a loud bang. they bolted out of bed, i rolled over and fell back to sleep. the bang was the sound of the live trap closing and trapping a mouse inside.

we took the trap with the little guy outside, camera ready, and let him go. he needed lots of convincing to leave the trap, but finally jumped out. he was so weee! j was amazed the mouse ate all the cheese. i wasn't one bit surpised.

i'm thrilled that we caught our first mouse. i'm assuming there's more than one, but hopefully we can clear them all out. maybe we should start seriously looking at how they're getting in so they don't turn around and come back in. thursday night's plan? super.

other than mouse hunting we have to go to the bank tonight and sign mortgage papers. as you can see on the top right of this blog, we have 40 days left until the house. a couple more than that until the big move, but 40 until we sign up for the biggest debt of our lives and finally get the keys in our grubby little hands*. exciting!

* i don't think our hands are grubby or little

i tried to make rice crispie squares last night. who knew you could screw those up. i've seen the commercial where the mom tricks her family into believing she slaved over a hot stove for hours when it really only takes a couple of minutes in the microwave and some mad stirring. but i screwed it up. i put the rice crispies in the melted margarine instead of adding the marshmallows. they snapped, crackled and popped. i scraped them out and started over. my squares are a little dry but eatable. and they're c-day-coloured.

after that fiasco, i watched an episode of gilmore girls and then went to bed. i was asleep by 8pm and loved every second of my marathon sleep. i have some work to do (at work - who woulda thought?!) and then it's off to lunch with my old group. should be fun!


  1. your posts are so much fun to read. Seriously.

    Project 365 is something I've considered doing for a long time (although I didn't know it had a name) but I haven't yet because it is such a HUGE undertaking. And, because I'm afraid that it will show me exactly how boring I am. Answer: very.

    If you decide to do it and you need a photo buddy, I could be convinced. I really want to do it. A lot. But every day? that's heavy.

    Also, about the mice: those little guys are experts at finding their way back inside. Make sure you dump it far away. Or at least, right next to an unsuspecting neighbour's mouse-friendly basement....

  2. wow, remind me not to live beside you! good thing i know you're kidding.

    see i'm thinking with project 365 is that at the end of the day (like the actual end of the day and not just the saying) if you still haven't taken a picture, you take ten minutes and figure something out. even if it's a picture of your toothbrush or something. i don't think it's going to be easy, but i think it's going to be neat.

    ps. thanks for the compliments... have i mentioned that i love comments?

  3. I never could make rice krispie squares. Really. I always overcooked the marshmallows so the squares ended up so hard you needed a buzz saw to get through them.

    I buy them now.