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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

oh the places you will go

i don't even know where to begin. five days have passed but it feels like 50.. because i know exactly what fifty days passing feels like. you know i do. maybe a c-day wrap-up is in order. i'll do my best.

decemeber 22
we got to leave work early last friday in the spirit of the season. and we did. i don't know what else we did. let's assume it was fun.

december 23 - saturday
ah, sleep-in day number 1. we slept in. then we did stuff i'm sure. the big part of the day was the c-day party at the kellands place. it was an alcohol-full festive mess of debauchery (not on my part of j's part, but for some). i was not in the mood to answer the "and how do you know the kellands?" questions all night which i assumed would be plentiful. it was not like that at all. it was a kind of homecoming with friends arriving from out of town and getting together for the first time in months. it was fun.

december 24 - sunday, c-day eve
sleep-in day number 2. as far as i can remember, this was a family day. there was swiss chalet for dinner (j's family tradition) and some frantic present wrapping that hadn't been done yet.

december 25 - monday, c-day
after a choppy sleep it was present time. i threw on my pink reindeer pyjamas (yes, i own pink reindeer pyjamas) and we all gathered in the living room (where all = me, j, j's parents and sister, and the cats obviously) and opened presents. i got a new battery for my ipod and a bathrobe (pink!) and disney dvds. good haul. j seemed happy with his sweatshirt (really nice under armour sweatshirt) and snowpants and snowboarding gift certificates. then it was go time. off to j's grandparent's place for more c-day fun. and to make long stories short, we went to my parent's place afterwards and then back for c-day dinner. we had some time alone at night with the cats. that was nice.

december 26 - tuesday, boxing day
there was no shopping on boxing day. there was another sleep-in (surprised?) and then more family stuff and then another c-day dinner with my family in kanata. i was supposed to play hockey but when i got there the arena was closed (would have been nice to know!) so i went home and spent some quality time alone. there was not enough of that this break. we sorted out our gifts and put some things in their places before going to bed.

december 27 - wednesday, NOW
now i'm at work. it's 9am and i've been here for two hours. i'm happy i have a good battery in kevin (my ipod) because there are about 5 people here and it's quiet and boring and dull. did i mention that i'm kind of tired? since most people are still off work, things are happening every night this week. thankfully getting off at 3pm allows much time for napping.

anyways, for pictures chronicling the holiday season go to my christmas 2006 album on flickr. i will be updating tonight with all the pictures.

my new task is to put together a birthday wishlist, you know, now that i know what i did and didn't get for christmas this year. there are benefits to being a january baby.

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