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Sunday, December 31, 2006

official last post of 2006

friday night we went and saw the good shepherd. it was good but super long so i'm glad we both had a chance to nap that afternoon. thankfully we were sent home early and had lots of time to do stuff. but with the napping and all there wasn't any time left for shopping (i'm feeling the urge what with avoiding the boxing day madness and everything) so we ate and saw the movie instead. we got stopped by the ride program getting on the queensway. the cop took his time looking us both over because pointing a flashlight at somebody is so very intimidating. but then i realized that there's a big bar in the same mall and so there are probably people who drink there and do drive. after a bit we were on our way.

going out on friday nights always make the weekend seem longer. we have monday off so it is a long weekend, but it will feel like a super long weekend this way.

we did a bunch of stuff yesterday. we both got haircuts, we ordered a new fridge (we're doing a fridge-swap with j's parents to make our moving easier), we got some wine for tonight and we stopped by the new house. it was just after the sales center closed to we couldn't go inside but we peaked and saw that we now have hardwood and carpeting. it was dark so i have no idea what it all looks like but it's exciting. we're a month away now. that's not long at all.

then we partied. we went to vik's parent's house and ate pizza and played with his new wii. i have to admit it was pretty fun.

160_6075 (Medium)

tonight we're party hopping. we have three parties in town that we'd like to attend so we're going to make it happen. i even bought a new shirt so i'll look pretty... new haircut, new shirt and some hotpants. what could be better?

some people never get tired of saying "see you next year!" this time of year, but i am. maybe i won't see you again until the next calendar year, but i'll see you soon. hopefully tonight will be a good time whatever you're doing and wherever you are.

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  1. lindsay p. says:
    I cannot remember my sign-in. Usually blogger remembers it for me! Luckily, I have mad html skills. :)

    Looking forward to seeing you, umm this year! (I agree, I don't like the "see you next year, har har har". It grates on my being)