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Thursday, December 14, 2006

no comment

finally this week is winding down. last night was supposed to be my crash-super-early-in-bed-by-7pm night, but it was not to be. if i had eaten dinner earlier, i would have for sure been in bed early, but i didn't and so i wasn't. i went out just after 7 to get us dinner, ate, watched tv, watched more tv and then applied for a job. i wasn't in bed until almost midnight.

but this morning i felt better than i have all week. it's definitely about the quality of sleep instead of the number of hours. i hardly woke up at all, i didn't have nightmares and i woke up happy. this isn't to say that i won't crash later on, but today's a half-day at work so i should be okay.

today's a half-day because we have the big agency luncheon. it's at a banquet hall down the road (i make it sound like we live in a very small rural village) part of me wanted to show up at 9am because everyone gets off at the same time but i start earlier than most people. is that fair? when i worked at alcatel i used to come in late on fridays when i knew we were getting off early. i was much more picky about work hours in those days though. when you hate your job, you count every minute you're there. i'm not that way now.

the job i applied for last night is two levels up from what i have now and i'm so not qualified. but there's another posting going up within the next two months for a position one level above where i am and i feel completely comfortable applying for that one, not that that stopped me this time. ah well. i did have a heart to heart with my boss about me and my job and she said that i have absolutely nothing to worry about and that i ask good questions.

does she know i blog from work?

this morning, i was thinking about christmas, because really, it's coming up soon. but i feel like we already had christmas. my christmassy-mindset peaked about a week and a half ago with the cookie party and i haven't thought much about it since. this year, alice the christmas-camel has two humps, because i'm sure it will peak again on actual christmas. here's hoping.

anyone have plans for new year's? new year's is always less than you think it's gonna be. it never lives up to the hype, not for me anyways, so i've stopped building it up in my head. it's really just another night. every day is just another day if you don't care. but it's weird to think about how new year's means more to some people, like a friend of mine got together with her boyfriend new years a couple of years ago. the night likely means more to her. but at the same time, every day is somebody's birthday and means it's a special day to them when to you it's just a tuesday. days are really only what we make of them. when the weeks and months fly by it's probably because every day is just another tuesday.

i don't want every day to be just another tuesday.


  1. good for you about the job talk with your boss. These things are not fun, but important.

    Ditto on the non-christmas-y feeling this week. I think it's the weather. It feels like it should be my birthday instead... slushy april weather...

  2. Maaaaan, I hear you about not feling it. I also have no special love for new years. I liked going to the cottage but mostly because it was wintery fun. The countdown itself seems kind of pointless. It's a good reason to get together with friends, and some people probably like the opportunity for some socially accepted public macking with lovers, but idunno.

    I like being the second to comment because it makes the comments link at the top of the post stop saying "1 comments".

    What the eff with the slushy/wet december! I have snowshoes that need to be christened because I got them in april and I think that I can't stand this april-ness! Word, Alan!

  3. I definitely agree with the lack of Chrsitmas spirit... I was trying really hard this year to be Christmassy, and I kind of was, despite the whole lack-of-job news, but... I think it's the snow for me. It's just not Christmas without snow. It looked like it was going to be a white Christmas for a little while there, but now it looks like April...

  4. seems like i really struck a chord with the whole it not feeling like christmas at all thing. good to know i'm not alone.