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Friday, December 8, 2006

make me laugh!

went to absolute comedy last night because some friends "won" 10 free tickets and asked us to come along. it was a great show. my only beef was that the waitress spilled beer all over my coat. a good excuse to wash my winter coat, but i hate smelling like beer. the only time i don't mind is when i'm too drunk to notice and, if you know me at all, you know that that doesn't happen very often.

the reason i put the word, won, in quotation marks like that is because our friends got a call saying they had won ten free tickets, but then we find out that another guy who was there also got a call that same night (he wasn't home and they didn't leave a message). we're trying to piece it together and finally were shown the answer: at the end of the show the waitresses leave comment cards with the bills. they must have filled one out last time we were there (back in june or july sometime) and the club must call everybody at some point. i wonder.

but it meant we had a pretty cheap night out and were home before 11 and asleep soon after that. perfect. and tonight we have no plans. none yet anyways.

last night before we went out j went to the gym and i did yoga (at home? by myself? strange, i know). i had recorded a yoga program that aired on rogers tv (channel 22, baby!) it turned out to be pretty good and for the first time since i dumped my gym membership, my muscles are tired. tired in a good way. it feels nice. i'm going to try and record more of these shows and do yoga when j goes to the gym. sounds like a good plan, but will it work? who honestly knows.

i have a feeling this is going to be a slow day. they're physically moving our servers, or something like that, so we don't have access to our database or our shared drive. everyone was told to save work to our computers and so i did and i'll be able to do some stuff. but then we have our little group's christmas lunch. across town. all afternoon. hmm.

this is my new group. they're... well, they're different. they are much different from my first group, but until monday, i still sit with my old group. am i ever going to miss them when i'm gone. there are four or us who talk away all day long through our cubicle walls. i've been told that where i'm moving to is much quieter. in fact, the only "talking" i'll hear is the admin talking on speakerphone. hello! cubicle life does not jive well with speakerphone. idiot! and the music when you're on hold, apparently he blasts that as well. thankfully i have kevin - he's my ipod. i know i've been a little harsh abou kevin lately (he can't hold a charge for more than two albums) but i do appreciate the noise (of my choosing - but that's another story) to block out the crappy noises.

plus my monitors in my new cubicle face the hallway for everyone to see. no more posting from work? crappy. maybe it'll make me a better employee. or maybe i just won't care and will go on doing what i do how i do. cause that's how i do. either way, i'm not terribly excited to have to move. i'm putting off packing until monday (why do it now when i can procrastinate?) and will grudgingly leave my little office home. yuck.

but it's friday! yay happy friday! i'm manic.

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  1. oh maaaan! moving! Maybe you can typw in Word and just to a quick cut and paste. If you stop posting I will be sad. Anyhoo, I hope that works out okay. Why always with the shifting of people in that freaking building?

    Anyhoo, awesome about the yoga. II asked for a yoga video fom christmas, so I hope that works out. As long as I don't get sick of thesame routine! It does feelgood though and the muscles you use are sometimes unexpected.

    Have a good day, more snow here in waterloo which is AWESOME. Yay for that! When did blogger start mamking my posting name my actual name? And why??? Oh well, I guess it's done.