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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i'm a machine!

i say i'm a machine because, well, i am. i was tired yesterday, but i managed to get lots of stuff done between work and hockey, i played really well (i got to play forward) last night, and then i came home and relaxed. i got to bed just before midnight and slept well. until the puking this morning, but that can be forgived.

i got up by myself and got into work earlier than usual. it felt nice to zoom myself into work, taking the route i wanted to take. tomorrow and friday are both half days and then it's c-day time. does anyone else just want to get on with it?

* it was rolo puking, not me


  1. I'm ready to geet gifting for sure. What I'm less excited about is the 7+ hour bus ride I'm up for in an hour or so. No whizzing to my destination on the route I want to take! Granted, the distances...

    Anyhoo, good to hear about the hockey working out. Not so cool about the puking...you okay? Or maybe it was Rolo back off the puking wagon? (or ON the wagon, I can never remember).

    Either way, can we get together some time? Soonish? See ya later

  2. sorry, i added that it was rolo puking. no morning sickness for me.

    and it would be ON the puking wagon.

    when will you be in town? are you doing anything for new years yet?