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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

i lied

i remember seeing a tee shirt on some girl who-knows-when and it said "boys lie". it's so true. but really, everyone lies, even if only by omission, everyone does it. i lied yesterday when i said that i would get to bed at a decent time last night. even though i was home by 8pm i wasn't in bed early. and i sure wasn't asleep before the clock struck 2. and that, my friends, is not a whole lot of sleep. tonight or tomorrow (i'll leave it open so as not to lie to you again) i am going to crash hard and hopefully be in bed asleep before 8. wouldn't that be lovely.

i did manage to squeeze in a nap yesterday though. i was lying on the couch and it just happened. apparently i was tired enough and conked out for a while, maybe an hour, and the cats were good. this is very unusual.

j woke me up and i had to go almost straight away to hockey. this was probably the best game i've played this season. i opened it up and scored a goal on my first shift. i finally aimed my shot not at the goalie, but at where the goalie wasn't. that's a good rule of goal-scoring, but not easy to do. the goalie makes such a good target. anyways, i scored that goal, i might have got an assist on my team's second goal, i only had one penalty, and i had stellar passes all night. that feels good.

and i was asked to play in a tournament in january for a city team who will also let me play with them for the rest of the season and the playoffs. i'm still debating as to whether i'm going to play in the league again starting in january. maybe you can help.

- one night a week, same night every week
- not far from home
- i get exercise
- i'm starting to like my team

- level of play isn't the greatest
- very expensive
- i might not be on the same team

i'm just not sure what i'm going to do without it. well, i'm exactly sure what i'm going to do without it: not play hockey. i will have volleyball once a week and hockey with that other team from time to time, but no other sports/activities. so i'm torn. i don't know what to do.

after hockey, i did laundry and watched tv. the victoria's secret fashion show was on. they brought sexy back. definitely.


  1. My two cents:
    Regular exercise is essential, in my book. And volleyball, while definitely not a walk in the park, is not the same kind of cardio workout that hockey is.

    It's nice to have a reason that you have to get out and run/skate, especially in the winter. I know that even with good intentions I'd never get out and exercise if I didn't have soccer.

    So, if I were you I'd stick with the weekly hockey, unless the financial burden is too high.

    p.s. aiming for the empty spaces around the goalie is surprisingly effective, isn't it? Who would have guessed!

  2. this hockey IS expensive, but at least i go. with the gym, i was hardly going but still paying every month. so i'm getting more bang-for-my-buck with hockey, but it's not the same cardio as biking and running that i would do at the gym.


  3. Well, another possibility is to drop the hockey and find a gym buddy. Someone who will nag you enough that you actually go. As you say, no sense in paying for a membership and hardly ever going.

  4. the problem with that alan, and thank you for your suggestions by the way, is that i did have a gym membership. i cancelled it and starting up again would be even more expensive because they've changed their fees since i joined. i don't like working out with someone else and i did have a "buddy" in the sense that j and i went to the gym together (drove together but did our own thing once there).

    and that's why i'm stuck.