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Monday, December 18, 2006


this is the first monday in a long time that i feel rested and recreated* and satiated from the weekend. i feel like i had a weekend and i did all sorts of things but i also slept enough. it was the perfect balance of stuff and sleep and fun. ahhhh...

* recreated may or may not be an actual word

except for friday night. friday, if you'll remember, was a potluck lunch at work. something i ate didn't like me at all and i was gross all friday night. i thought maybe it would pass and i tried to go to my baseball christmas party. i lasted about an hour and a half and it was painful. but i did remember to take pictures. here's one of me with k2 and emily.

159_5929 (Medium)

we had food and drinks and a gift exchange. i scored some nice smelling body wash and hand lotion. it's orange. but then i was whisked away, taken home, and made to eat crackers and drink juice. i was yucky.

oh, before the party, we had a bunch of food delivered so we have boxes everywhere. having all sorts of boxes around leads to packing. j packed up 8 boxes saturday while i made cake. then we went to dinner at s&l's swanky apartment. they made crazy good tapas for dinner which was very new and exciting. we got to try all sorts of things we'd never had and the conversation flowed for the whole time we were there. we got home happy and full.

sunday was a weird day. we got up late, got some groceries, then had a nap because all that was so taxing, and then we had to head out for my family christmas.

159_5960 (Medium)

it was fun as always. we scored a nice picture frame, a can of beer and a can of vanilla wafer cookies. but sunday's fun didn't stop there.

fast forward through some tv watching, internet surfing, and some sleeping, until about 5 am when we're both woken up by a loud sound. like a cat screeching, trying to run on the hardwood. j went to investigate. rolo would have, if not for the horrible lack of purchase on the hardwood, caught a mouse. apparently we have mice. and apparently rolo was super happy with his hunter-self and was head-bonking up a storm. j cleaned up everything and found out where the mouses are coming in, and for this i am grateful. i stayed in bed and when he finally came back to bed for the last 10 minutes or so, i remember saying that i'm so glad we're moving into a new house.

and i am. and now, so are j's parents. that was enough to convince them to buy a condo. i don't blame them.


  1. Molly caught a mouse in our awesome old apartment (note sarcasm) and I remember I woke up thinking she'd gotten into my yarn, as she was making the same sounds as when she's spent the night gleefully unravelling balls of yarn all through the place. I couldn't figure it out in the morning because all my yarn was tucked away, 'till we went to put on our shoes and found the , er, "yarn". It sucked. We were so happy to move. Probably molly wishes we'd stuck around there for a little while longer.

    S always, thanks for the pictures :-) i/2 of a paper to go then I'm free. Off to drop off my marking at school. whee!

  2. My parents live out in the middle of nowhere, so having mice in the house kind of became something you learned to live with...
    One of our crazy cats used to catch mice, but instead of kiling them, he just left them in the bathtub so he could sit and watch them run around in cirlces... crazy cat.

    Yes, a new house will be very nice - Hopefully only with animals you invite in :D

  3. Ew. Mice are gross. At least rolo didn't catch it and leave it next to your bed. Ick. Thanks goodness for hardwood floors!!

  4. i grew up with cats constantly bringing me presents, except they wouldn't kill said presents, they would simply stun them or knock them unconscious so that when the time came and the consciousness returned, running around my room chasing the present was great fun... only not for me. there were many mornings (ie. teenage afternoons) where i would be woken up to some sort of present in my room and sometimes even in my bed. i would fly out of bed and out of my room and close the door. often i would wait for my dad to come home and take care of whatever was in there. yuckyuckyuck.

    at least with mice i feel like they can be caught and stopped. spiders can also be killed but there are so many of them and so many places for them to hide.

    i'm giving myself chills.

    sue, rolo doesn't thank anyone for hardwood floors. he would have caught the mouse otherwise! we've been calling him our little hunter for the past two days now. he's happy, except for the puking.