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Monday, December 11, 2006

christmas spirit

seems like the christmas spirit is just oozing out of people these days. here, a photojournalistic approach to the holiday season:

1) the tree is up:
158_5842 (Medium)

2) the decorations are up:
158_5859 (Medium)

3) even the cats are festive:
190_9100 (Medium)

and that concludes my version of christmas. and now for my weekend update. friday j and i napped, him until some reasonable hour that wasn't too late, me until 8pm. oops. and then we started "packing". packing in our case involves going through all of our accumulated crap and making piles. one pile of garbage, one of goodwill, one for stuff to keep, one..... and so on. we basically end up with a mountain of piles and our crap out in plain sight. maybe not the most effective use of our time. though we do throw stuff out every time.

saturday we went to the house again. all the pictures are up on flickr but i've made them private. you don't get to see them. i will tell you that the counters, cupboards and ceramic floors are in. the tubs, toilets and sinks are in. we were very relieved when we saw all the colour combinations because, really, we are not interior designers. we were most worried about the kitchen. it turned out pretty damn good.

okay, saturday night we went to a christmas party with some of j's coworkers. it was fun and nice to see some of those people again but there was buddy. buddy was the annoying spouse of someone and he was, well, annoying. i don't know who from j's work will read this so that's all i'll say except i hope i don't see buddy again. really.

i don't even know what we did yesterday. stuff. good stuff i'm sure. and then there's today. this morning i had an exam for a job at cfia (canadian food inspection agency) and i bombed it. bombed in a bad way. yuck yuck yuck. i did see my old roommate from university there though and that was nice. don't think i'll be seeing her at that job though. erg.

and now i get to move my little cubicle. i'm all packed up just waiting for the guys to come. apparently they came by when i was out, a la while you were out, except they didn't move any of my stuff. time to be proactive? yes.


  1. wow, tree is up, with lights!

    the tree is up at our place too, but ix-nay on the ights-lay. Sylvia says no decorating until after her exam. She doesn't want to miss out!

    I did put lights on the house though. It's a long way down from the eaves of our roof. Luckily I didn't find that out the hard way, although I did learn that an extension ladder is *very* bouncy when it's extended all the way.

  2. No fair, not sharing pictures >:P

  3. alan, the tree was up last weekend when you were over. thanks for noticing. just kidding! i made you stay downstairs.

    i don't think we'll put lights up outside again this year.. just couldn't be bothered.

    tania, what kind of grant unveiling would it be if you had all seen everything before hand? cmon now!

  4. to tell you the truth, there were so many girls in that room that I couldn't have seen the tree even if I tried!

  5. i see your point... i'm just trying to live vicariously through you... our house just got siding... seeing yours makes me believe it will eventually be finished :)