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Friday, December 29, 2006

birthday wishlist*

i've decided to make shopping for me for my birthday much easier on you and just list the things that i want. i'll make a link on the side bar for easy access. you can just take a peak right before you head out. easy peasy. i'll even put the items in categories for you. i'm so nice.

i really like chocolate
i drink hot chocolate and tea
i like pho

i will have a brand new house
i am going to costa rica
i would love to go hot air ballooning
my slippers are getting worn out

gift certificates are always welcome

general ideas to help you think up something on your own
i like to read books and magazines
i like to watch movies at home and in theatre (imax too!)
i knit
i scrapbook
i make stuff using freezer paper stencils
i like to take pictures
i like cats
i like candles
i play baseball, hockey and volleyball
i drive a mazda3
i like music

i guess it's not so much a list of things but rather a list of categories. that's good enough though. talk to j, he can help you.

and in conclusion, just laugh at me because you know i'm kidding. but when i ask all of you to come out for my birthday, come. please come. i want 26 to be a good one!

*this really is just a joke. i don't expect things from anyone. i like things and would welcome things but i don't expect them. unless you live with me. then i expect something. anything really. just get me something. and make me a cake. did i mention that i like cake? you don't even have to make it if you don't want. i like those deep and delicious cakes too.

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