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Friday, November 24, 2006

when the doctor stands you up

we got in the car yesterday after work and i decided i was going to go to the clinic. yesterday was the day. my knee had been feeling better but there was still pain when i did certain things. so we went and got gas and a car wash and by the time we got to the clinic the doctor was "done for the day" and the next doctor wouldn't be in for over an hour and a half, would i like to wait? hell no! i have better things to do with my time (read: play marbledrop, it's addictive so don't say i didn't warn you). i didn't go back and i likely won't go today. i haven't had any pain today so far (i know it's early) but i am expecting some pain tonight because my knee seems to be worse at night.

besides, if it is something bad, the pain won't go away and i'll know for sure. that's maybe not the best approach to one's health but it's an approach and it's my approach. i'm going with it.

we've been really bad at domestic things lately, like "getting groceries" and "cleaning", so the cupboards are bare and the house is dirty. that's how we roll. the cats don't seem to mind because their little food dishes are always brimming with kibble. i call them my little hippos. back to the point: i got us mcdonalds last night. and while i was driving home with the greasy smell overloading my senses i realized that we won't have a mcdonalds close to us at our new place. what were we thinking?? maybe they'll build one. or build that bridge into barrhaven so it'll be a quick hop over the river for my grease-fest. remember when you were 17 and the alcohol was a hop, skip and a jump over the river in hull at the d├ępanneur? me too. gotta love mcd's and quebec's lower legal drinking age.

after chowing down, i went knitting last night at sylvia's house. you can hardly tell they had a party, except all the new plants everywhere. i have been mia so far this year for knitting and it felt nice to see those girls and sit and talk and knit. i finished a christmas gift scarf and had time in the car on the way home to think about christmas and the cookie party coming up and other things. apparently i needed some downtime to let my mind wander and come up with things i'd missed. also, we decided that all the charity knitting we did last winter would be donated to the snowsuit fund. i gave in everything today and it feels SO GOOD. there was 9 or 10 scarves, one pair of misshapen mitts, and 5 hats. good work girls!

today's friday!!!


  1. Hooray for the charity knitting! I forgot all about that. I'm glad something happened with it, nice work.

    What do you guys all have on the needles? I have one little sweater thingyand that's it for now, but big plans for an icelandic-style skully sweater thing for Rob soon. I'm in the mood for a big project and 'tis the season.

  2. i have my ugly socks and my blue and black blanket stashed away but still on needles. i just finished a christmas scarf and now i'm thinking. i might make another charity something.. maybe try switching colours or a different pattern or even mittens again! who knows!

    sylvia made a really nice hat and mitts and is working on the matching scarf. becky was working on a super fuzzy scarf for an unknown recipient. jess was ... lost. it was funny.

  3. Hello!

    I got my computer research skillz on and found your blog! Yeah! Your blog is a good read. Fun times.

    Man. This entry should have come with a warning "Cravings for McDonald's may occur". I know that smell. The McDonald's on Merivale near the Farm Boy, Toys R Us etc I found to be the worst for delicious McDonald's smell.