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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

weekend round-up

thursday night we went out to the outback for a falling-off-the-veggie-wagon party. j's coworker adam has been a vegetarian for three years and decided that he had to give into his meat cravings that had gotten worse and worse.

158_5820 (Medium)

we were positive that he was going to be paying for it that night and the whole next day, if not longer. but he was all fine and at work friday and a happy camper. that bastard!

but it was fun. the restaurant is a little pricey compared to what we're used to but the food was good and we only had ranch dressing spilled on us once.

friday night j and i went our separate ways and each saw a different movie. in a different theatre no less! j's dad thinks we're swingers - i think borat has no appeal. that's what j saw. he said it had funny parts but overall wasn't that great. i saw babel with brad pitt and kate blanchette. it was an interesting though convoluted story line with crazy cinematography that made me want to puke the whole time. yuck.

saturday was a strange day. it's honestly a black hole in my mind. i can't say that we did anything, interesting or not because i can't remember.

i do remember though that we went to m&j's new house for a little get together. their house is really nice, very open and spacious for a townhouse with a nice layout on the main floor. i will admit that i like our house better but it is our house afterall.

sunday was a family day. we went and saw the house first (our little family):

November 12..  189_8959 (Medium)

we have brick on about one third of the house. i am super pleased with the colour of the brick. i was hoping for not-red brick and we didn't get red brick so it's perfect. other than the brick there aren't many changes, none that we could see at least.

then we went to kanata (my family) and hung out there with my brother, his girlfriend, his roommate and my parents. i got all covered in cat hair and loved by the dog. after a quick stop at home we went to j's grandparent's place (j's family) for dinner.

we stayed much later than usual and were going to go out but ended up just sitting at home (j played wow while i watched tv shows and knit). it was nice but not a very good use of a non-work-night-sunday night.

monday was our free day off thanks to the government and remembrance day. j got up pretty early and took the car in then walked from the car place to the gym and then home. meanwhile i was comfy in bed. we got the exhaust leak fixed and an oxygen sensor thingy installed (it's all very technical) so j can now play with the fuel-oxygen ratio.

j's dad came over and we all went and voted. larry o'brien is the new mayor. i don't know how i feel about that. at least i voted and can now gloat/bitch about the results (i won't tell you which because i just don't care to talk about politics). other than i we ate food and did stuff around the house. i vacuumed under the couches where 6 mousies were lying in wait. toy mousies. the cats are extremely happy and crazy now that those have been unearthed.

i caught up on grey's anatomy and prison break and some other shows i had pvr'd, got about half way done a christmas-present scarf, and still got to bed early. and that's the weekend. now it's back to work and back to waiting for the next weekend.

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