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Wednesday, November 1, 2006


i actually remember when i was younger learning about how to make words mean their opposites using little words stuck on the beginning. moral -> immoral, usual -> unusual. but why is normal -> abnormal? i think it should be UNnormal. UNnormal it is. at least for me. on my blog. because i said so. pffffftt!

i added a link on the right to my christmas survey, well the post where i talked about it. so you can click there and see my answers instead of having to wander through my old posts and eventually archives. thanks to everyone who has already posted (captain pants and tania). it's fun so go and do it! don't have a blog? answer in the comments. don't miss your chance!

back on track: unnormal. i was thinking that yesterday was halloween and i must say it was the least halloweenie halloween that ever halloweened. honestly. we didn't carve a pumpkin. we didn't put up any halloween decorations. we didn't make costumes or go out. the only thing halloweenie about yesterday (and this whole week) is the prevalence of chocolate. and this is no good. it makes me crave carrots and salad and other green things. but i still eat the chocolate. oh yes i do. and then i complain when my teeth and insides start rotting. yummm!

also a little unnormal for yesterday: i got home from hockey and i sat my sweaty little self down and watched tv for two hours. and then i showered. i didn't sweat as much as i usually do but it's still gross and not something i normally do. unnormal i tell you.

oh! one of my christmas-y wishes has already come true. we are getting a rogers pvr this weekend! j was on the phone last night with the rogers people and managed to score us a pvr, tons more channels, and got us 9 months of free home phone. i don't know how he did it and i don't want to know. i'm just amazed and impressed and looking forward to vegging out in front of the tv with all my halloween chocolate. winter's the time to fatten up so that's what i'll do!


  1. I can't sleep. You can.

    I thought I would let you know that they skinny kitty link on the side is broken.

    I'll try sleeping again. 0500 is mighty early for those who stay up late... or even those who don't.

  2. ha! you made the mistake of napping! and yes, it counts eventhough it was pretty short.

    i put a + in the code instead of a = so the link should now be working. thanks for the heads up and thanks for the comment. you never comment but i like it!

  3. ditto on the un-halloweenie halloween. We were expecting boatloads of spooks at our new door and we only got 16. How is that possible? It's like their parents all told them "don't go there, those are the *new* people. It's not safe."

    I can't figure it. We had pumpkins! come on!

    also, re: the christmas survey - it's on my to-do list.

  4. yay christmas survey!

    we didn't have pumpkins so maybe that had something to do with it. and having geriatric neighbours.