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Friday, November 3, 2006

tunnel vision

there is a tunnel that goes beneath a major road near my office. this tunnel let's me go from the parking lot to my building without having to cross said major road. it's nice and probably important at stopping all sorts of dangerous jaywalking attempts. come to think of it, it may be there because of some jaywalking-attempt gone bad. i wonder.

either way, there is a tunnel. i go through this tunnel twice a day and always enter and exit right in the middle. the tunnel has a slight arch so i figure there's less of a chance of spiders being in the highest part of the opening and that's usually the case. except the other day when there was a spider dangling from the absolute middle. i almost walked right into him.

my other tunnel story has to do with leaves. it must be some sort of wind phenomenon but when i showed up at work one day earlier this week, i was greeted with TONS of leaves all along one side of the tunnel and since i am 6 i happily trudged through them, laughing. when i got to the other side i looked back to see another hc employee shaking their head. they probably wish they were as uninhibited as i. at least that's what i'll tell myself.

the leaves were gone by the end of the day. another miraculous wind story? i do not know.

well, i was going to tell you that we didn't do anything last night. that we took our night off after our first day of starting early. but we went out. first of all, let me say that it was marvelous getting home so early, except the tv programming sucks (until we get more channels that is!) but that didn't stop me from watching crappy tv. anyways, we went to a lighting store not far from our house and got some good ideas for our new house. since our dining room (see alan, only two n's this time in dining) and living room are essentially one big room, we're thinking that having the same lights in both rooms will be best. and we found some that we like.

and then we went out for pho. this crazy little pho place is like the crazy kitchen in that the floor is all bumpy and shifty and makes you dizzy just walking around. for reals. j liked this place best but i enjoy the closer place better. is it too much to ask to have a chicken vermicelli? instead i had spring rolls, shrimp on sugar cane - which is pretty disgusting - and meatballs. at least j gave me one of his shrimps. they were the regular kind.

but after that, we went home and i did veg out on the couch. my pink basketweave scarf (oops, i spelled it "skarf" at first and was wondering why it looked so wrong...) is almost done and then i'll have to find something else.

i'll leave you with this, the first snow of november (not of the season though):

189_8907 (Medium)

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