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Monday, November 27, 2006

the last weekend in november

the last weekend in november has come and gone and was rather uneventful. we didn't go out friday night instead opted to stay in and watch tv. saturday we did what more people should do around christmas time: bought ourselves stuff. we were both in need of new clothes so we braved bayshore for two hours and came out victorious.

new clothes mean laundry.

i did some more freezer paper stenciling. i made a prize for the cookie exchange and two christmas presents. i won't be putting up pictures until after the exchange and after christmas, for obvious reasons. it was fun though. much easier the second time.

yesterday was weird. we had gotten a phone call last week about a free meat sample. i said they could come and drop it off no problem. what i didn't know was that it was a sales pitch too. so we sat through this sales pitch. we may have even purchased something. i'll be sure to discuss more later once i know more and have tried everything out.

and then today, j got something done in a simple phone call that i had been trying to do for weeks. he got the final price for our house. so we're heading out there after work tonight. we'll get the final price and hopefully get a walk-through because, after seeing k1's house pictures, i realized we hadn't been inside out house for ages and there are likely lots of changes. we will have pictures up tomorrow, as promised.

also to come, pictures of my cookie attempts for the exchange this sunday, and sandy helping me bake. that should be "helping".

ps. my knee is feeling much better. i still don't know what i did to it but the pain has gone away.

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