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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the knee issues

like i said yesterday, i did something to my knee. i hurt it. i hurt it good. i hobbled around yesterday at work, wondering what i did to myself. i took some advice and didn't do much last night. i was flat out on the couch icing and not-icing and icing and not-icing.

even when j's dad had a contractor over. i was interested in the plans for the house but didn't walk around with them.

j was really good to me. he brought me things and made me dinner. what a nice boy.

i heard from my hockey team captain that we lost last night. she even said that they missed me. i wonder.

but since i had the night off i was able to catch up on some tv that i had missed, watch some new tv, and be in bed before 10. so today i feel good. i'm not painfully tired and counting down the hours starting at 8am - believe me, that makes for a VERY long day - i'm as perky as i ever get and productive. it's nice in a way to have deadlines. dealines keep a girl honest. though i still take time out to blog and read the internet news and dream about costa rica.

i find that from mid-october to mid-december and mid-january to mid-march is when i really want a vacation. i find myself thinking about hot places and time off and activities i could do. are other people the same? i know a friend here at work is heading to mexico for a week in two weeks. and i know lots of people who head south at least once a year. and then i wonder why my priorities don't take me on a vacation that often. why am i so different? can i afford the money and the time off work? certainly because other people can. then why don't i do it? there's something about me, something that runs deep, that won't spend the money.

though i read in an article about happiness on that said that taking a trip is better bang-for-your-buck than buying expensive things. and the reason, expensive things are around long enough to disappoint you whereas trips have an end date and leave you only with memories, often good ones. i sent the article to j in hopes of getting a little week-long trip before costa rica out of the deal. no such luck.


  1. Going on a holiday (especially down south where it's warm) with your closest friends is nothing short of amazing, and worth every penny spent. I have more than 1000 photos over the past 5 years of holidays my friends and I have been on, and all those memories we made that will last forever.

    If it's the $$$ you worry about, book the time off and do a last minute cheap trip.

    "Nobody has ever said on their deathbed: 'I wish I had spent more time at the office'".

  2. you make good points and i agree, but it's still something i have to work on. unfortunately i'm not the kind of person who (travels a lot OR who) can change who i am day-to-day, though sometimes i wish i could. like on this travelling thing.

    you recommend booking the time off in advance when you book the trip last minute? what if you don't find something good for that week?

  3. You will ALWAYS find something good. Last time it was a 4* to Cuba for $800 tax. incl, the time before that was $600 tax. incl. All leaving from Ottawa, and direct.

    We are going to Dominican this Jan, and 10 of us have booked the week off (including K2). We will book something between Xmas and New Years for sure. It seems daunting, but it's the best way to do it, if you can.

    I have over 15 online travel sites I check regularly. If you want to check them out, send K2 an email to get my email address. Once you do it, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

  4. What K2 is saying is sooooo true. The cheapest deals do come around Christmas time, since most people are wanting to be with their families, but last minutes are excellent all through the summer. I would say though the deals aren't as great in February (reading weeks) and never great during March break.

    We get notices at our office all the time for last minute deals (I work for a tour operator) even though we don't sell them to the public.

    Anyways, let me know if you want to book anything good that is Sunquest, because we are an agent with them.

    But yeah, live a little and book last minute. I booked 3 weeks before we were leaving to Dominican Republic and it was awesome.

    Do it!

    Plus the winter blues are awful after Christmas, and a little sun will do you well.

    Happy trails.

  5. Sorry, I meant winter when I said summer....

    I should really read things before posting...

  6. I'm like you batman, except even worse. I don't even think about warm winter vacations unless people bring it up.

    I know that if I went I'd have a good time, but I don't daydream about it at all.

    Maybe it's a guy thing.

    Good luck with the knee!

  7. Last time I traveled in winter I went t other wintery countries, and lsat time I traveled in summe, I went to where it was winter *frowns* That was not onpurpose!

    About random travel..I have never done last minute planning for a holiday like thatin terms of flight booking except in Europe where there re so many ways to get around there's basically no risk.

    Honestly I'm not a naturally particularly adventurous traveller...things lke buying the car in Australia was a BIG step forme to do on my own, and you never get more experienced unless you do take a risk...where tings might screw up. But I think the people who are okay with being flexible enough to take what comes their way learn more about the art of travel.

    I was very lucky and had my parents start me out early on travel, and then I could wach my sister do trips I still can't fathom (mongolia anyone?) so I feel like the challenge is there.

    But then, I'm competitive with myself that way. Did you go to the travel show I e-maile dyou about? Maybe there's some inspiration there, too...

    hope your knee feels better!!!

  8. oh alan, i THINK about vacationing somewhere hot all the time. honestly.

    you've at least been to europe. you went around all over the place. best i've done is victoria, bc (family was there), thunder bay, on (family was there), california (with family and family was there). see a trend?

    j and i never went on a honeymoon. we've also never travelled anywhere together where we haven't stayed with family.

    and m, i think because of your sister your idea of adventurous travel may be a little skewed. taking off with everything on your back for a solo canadian trip is pretty adventurous. so is spending months down under. and you did an exchange in europe. see above for my travel history.

  9. touché about the travel stuff. Although I didn't ever start a trip anywhere but in the safe arms of someone I knew or in some place where English isn't the first language.

    And I was terrified to go on my own on that Canada (and sobbing from the first moment, when my poor work friend picked me up to go on the first leg to Quebec, since Rob had just pulled around the corner away from me! fun times!)

    But honestly, once you do it you realize that it's really okay, and rational adults can make things happen, and you get by. And I was proud of myself. You do things that I can't do (yet) and I wish I could, but that's the beauty of friends, right?