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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

thankful.. and it's not even our thanksgiving

i wanted to thank everyone for their comments to my post yesterday. without comments i find my blog rather boring so it was nice to have something new to read everytime i came back. and yes, i check my blog often during the day. what can i say?

yesterday was the most frustrating day i've had so far at this job. i had to deal with some not-so-pleasant people (you might even say they were bitchy) who kept jerking me around and taking their time with time-sensitive things. yeah, thanks. it's one thing to be genuinely busy and swamped with work but it's quite another thing to be busy because you take 23 15-minute breaks a day and then choose my invoice to train another person with 5 minutes before the end of my day, which you know is at 3 because i've told you. some people. but then i had some help from a friend and was able to leave only 5 minutes late and everything got done. i have more deadlines this friday so i'm going to be busy whether i like it or not.

when i finally saw j after work and we were walking to the car, i vented EVERYTHING from the day. poor guy. and then i took a huge deep breath and was okay. we got home and i put on my pj's and read in bed before i fell asleep for 2 hours. it was great. and when i woke up there was dinner ready for me. i had time to eat and watch millionaire and go to my volleyball game.

we lost again, second week in a row and i'm not entirely sure why. i don't think we're playing much different than we played the first 5 games, all of which we won. i don't know what it is. i got home and a very sleepy j stumbled downstairs and said hello and stumbled back upstairs and was asleep in minutes. i was up late, that's what napping will do, but i got to read and spend time with my cats so it was okay.

and now we're here. my big plan for today is to get through the next 6 hours of work and then not nap and go to bed early. i did something to my knee last night so i'm skipping my hockey game so these plans are attainable. with a little luck.


  1. Don't you wish that you could put a time-sensitive request on your coworker's desk and when time is up - BAM! - It explodes, a-la-Inspector Gadget?

    That would be so awesome.

    On second thought, they would probably be out on break when it blew. Also, it would happen so often that all the innocent bystanders would get sick from secondhand smoke. Scratch that, I guess.

  2. maybe it could smell like strawberries which could be nice at first, but then everyone would get really annoyed and sick of smelling strawberries from all the exploding messages and put peer pressure on the person to stay around and DO WORK.

    I htink you have had a brilliant idea, Al!

  3. or they could be penalized... like they would only be allowed 21 15-minute breaks a day (stupid finance ladies!)