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Saturday, November 4, 2006

So. Much. To. Tell. You.

tons of stuff to say.

today we got our new pvr!

189_8914 (Medium)

along with it we got about a gazillion more channels so we've been flipping through them just because we can. also, we've recorded a bunch of shows just because we can. see a trend? it's all so novel. the kitties agree:

189_8911 (Medium)

we also went buckwild in the brick and bought tons of stuff! (pictures later.) we bought two leather couches for the price of one. they're chocolate brown (like rolo!) and super comfy. we bought a dining room table with two leafs and 6 chairs for half price and a washer and dryer (gas dryer) on the cheap. it was some mega sale thing and we definitely cashed in. AND everything will be delivered to our new house (the couches not until march but everything else the day after we move in) so it's all very perfect and exciting and lovely (and expensive, but you know) so we're on a high right now.

also we test drove a smart car today. holy. go and do it. and make sure you honk the horn. i did and both j and i burst out giggling. the horn is so high-pitched and squeeky and totally not intimidating or mean. fun!

and one last thing, right before dinner was ready tonight (we made fish for the first time ever - it was good) we were in the basement and heard a noise from the kitchen. it sounded like rolo had knocked a plastic cup on the ground. turns out he had and he had knocked over the milk container. there was milk everywhere:

189_8916 (Medium)

i came upstairs. it was so cute. rolo was sitting on the counter looking down at his mess. and then i got closer and saw that he had some milk on his chin, like a milk mustach but a milk beard. it was hilarious.. and gross all at the same time. i laughed.

and then i thought of this and how similar this was:

124_2483 (Medium)

j got cheerios everywhere. note to everyone out there: cheerios are much easier to clean up than milk.

so that's my story. we also went out last night. j tried to see the borat movie but ended up hanging out at east side mario's instead (i napped) and then we went to richard's house and watched nacho libre. don't see it. it was awful. and we saw my parents today and i got some books from them. that's about it.


  1. whoa Whoa WHOA! That IS a lot to tell...awesome! iT'S A POWER WEEKEND! Oh man, you rnew place is going to be absolutely fantastic. Once it gets cold and snowy, the new place must seem closer than ever. So great!

    What are your honest thoughts about hte smartcar? We've seen a bunch over here and I htink people love them, but there's got to be problems, like any car. Did it feel dull (no power) or anything like that?

    Mmm, PVR that sounds way more awesome than you-tubing episodes of Scrubs in 6 minute blocks!

    Yay for you two, and thanks for the pictures!


  2. Wow! that's one exciting day! Good for you two!