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Monday, November 6, 2006

more pictures!

the focus for today's post is the new house (sorry if you're getting sick of hearing about it but really, it's so exciting!) we went out there yesterday. there are some changes: we now have a garage floor and a front porch. there is insulation on all the walls including in the garage. we have a door from the garage to the backyard. and the whole house was wrapped up getting ready for brick and siding.


November 5.. 189_8929 (Medium)

November 5.. 189_8933 (Medium)

saturday night we went shopping! i mentioned this last post but now have pictures to share. our new washer and dryer, the couches (ours will be brown) and the dining room table:

189_8921 (Medium)

189_8919 (Medium)

189_8925 (Medium)

and so my wishlist gets shorter AND longer. we no longer need to buy these things but there are things we didn't have on our list before. i will be making a whole post for the house wishlist, more for me than anything else. but in case you're curious i suppose.

we had a great time last night with the pvr. we were playing with the features - recording, pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding live shows. i recorded some shows last night that i can watch after work when the soaps are still on and j's at the gym. good thinking. anyways, the pvr is the neatest little thing.

m asked about the smart car in the comments from saturday's post. the smartie felt very stiff and jerky (the transmission feels so much like a manual, even in full automatic mode) but handles well and obviously can turn on a dime and would be great for parking. as for the size of the car, when you're sitting in it looking forward, it feels about the same size as our 3, but then you look back and the car ends. i personally think that it would be great as a commuter car, but i don't think we can afford to have just a commuter car. it just isn't practical enough. but if money were no option i would buy one in a second.

go out and test drive one. that's the best thing to do. and test driving costs you nothing but some of your time. just make sure you try the horn. i do love the idea of a two-person car that's super fuel-efficient with low emissions though.


  1. wow - nice furniture! And what's the deal on gas dryers? How much more expensive are they (to purchase) and how much do you save in operating costs? I've never seen one in use.

    Also - it looks like your dryer has a shelf in it. Explain?

  2. when we were looking around at dryers (just online because stores aren't generally all that helpful) we found that the gas dryers are ~$100-150 more expensive than electric and the difference in operating costs really depends on how much laundry you use. i'm sure there are websites out there that can explain everything much better than i can (quick google search: and - both american though).

    the rack is something you can put boots on say and the drum spins around it.

    we've never actually seen one in use either but i've been led to believe that they look and act just like electric dryers but use natural gas. thankfully, our house comes equiped with natural gas hookups for the dryer, stove and bbq (with some work required).

  3. I think we're getting the same washer/dryer combo... Whirlpool Duet sport? (I think it's hilarious that there's a 'sport' version of washer/dryers :D).

    Can't wait to see the house finished and with all your stuff it it! Wow - 3 months - we're almost there!

  4. I've never heard of gas dryers before, looks cool, and yay for front loaders :) We tried to win a raffle for a Smartcar, but it didn't work out :-( It's cool that you checked it out, though.

    A boot rack! What's next! heh.

    Anyhoo, I LOVE the pictures and seeing your house get built (!) it's very exciting. It's so cool, and I love the idea of you guys taking pics in the stores.

    Thanks for the excellent updates :)

  5. tania - you two have already bought your washer and dryer? wow. we actually looked at the sport but opted for the regular duet pair. you get more options and more capacity (but have the option to use smaller loads so no one get on my case about saving water!) so that seemed good to us. now i just have to talk j into getting the pedestals. either that or we fashion our own out of wood. hmmm....

    m, you haven't heard of natural gas dryers? i don't know when they got popular but i had definitely heard of them before! our furnace, as far as i can remember, is natural gas (i know our current one is), but we're opting for an electric stove (open flame and two curious kitties MAY be okay, but also MAY be catastrophic). basically, you pay more for the appliance upfront but save in operating costs.

    and, to tell you the truth, i felt kinda weird having the camera in the store, but no one even looked at us weird. for real.

  6. you've identified one of my near-term projects... trying to figure out how to build a pedestal for our washer and dryer. No more bending over, and lots of storage space = a good idea in my mind. But first, I need to get boxes off my workbench. Oh, and find the appropriate tools. They're down there somewhere!

    I almost got kicked out of ikea once a couple of years ago for having a camera. I don't know how they enforce it now with everyone and their dog carrying cellphone cameras.

  7. i'm not sure how they do either. or why it's a huge issue, though maybe i'm missing something obvious.

  8. Corporate espionage. No joke. Apparently it's a huge deal in most retail industries. I was reading an article about grocery stores hiring secret shoppers to scope out prices (which I can understand) but just as big a deal was the *layout* of the displays. Which products were placed where, relative quantities of product, etc. It seems unbelievable, but this is serious business. How many kids do you know that say they want to be a grocery store spy when they grow up?
    Also, in the case of a particularly artsy display (that was probably made by a professional display design team) the store will usually ban photography to protect their intellectual property. They don't want the nifty design idea that they just spent $10k on ending up in their competitor's display down the street. Neither does the designer who thought it up in the first place - they want to make another 10k for a different display.

    "It's my idea, you can't have it"