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Thursday, November 23, 2006

lovin it

guys, i am just loving all the comments you are leaving. i can't thank you enough. really.

you obviously all have lots to say about travel and believe me, i'm listening! i'm such a travelling-virgin so i have lots to learn. while about 80% of me really wants to pack up and go on a last-minute week-long all-inclusive RIGHT NOW the other 20% of me knows that my days off are limited and therefore extremely valuable. i'm going to wait it out until costa rica. we'll get two weeks off at once and the thrill of doing something not everyone and their dog has done and we'll likely be staying at an all-inclusive resort down there anyways.

bottom line: i'll wait, but i won't stop dreaming. AND i will eventually just pick up and go somewhere last minute for really cheap.

while dreaming about travelling and far off exotic places i've never been, my life is still rooted here and it's not all that boring. my knee was feeling a little better yesterday afternoon so j and i decided to go to ikea. we're keen on design ideas with the completion of the new house on the horizon (68 days till we close!) so ikea is a great place. we took our time and looked at all the rooms and things.

we were pleased to see that they have a good variety of mirrors. our house will not have mirrors or any hardware in the bathrooms so that's something we'll need to get. that was a decision we made so that we can have something different and hopefully fun and cool instead of the regular rectangular mirrors and whatever-the-standard-is fixtures.

also, we stopped by the dining room section to look at bar stools. our kitchen is open to the living room / dining room and has a bar counter. we ended up sitting at a table and both finally saying that we don't like the table and chairs we bought at the brick. the set was definitely the one we liked most at the brick but it really isn't us and feels so wrong. i didn't want to admit it so i never told j about it. apparently he was thinking the same thing (miraculous!) so we decided right there that we would cancel our dining room table and chairs from the brick. i am SO relieved. i was really worried about the similar-but-likely-clashing wood tones everywhere on the main floor and the fact that j had said not too long ago that our house was going to have a cottagey feel. no thank you. the table at ikea that we like it still wood but it's brown-black and has two leaves that are stored inside the table when not in use. it has funky chairs that are so much more our style and smaller so less intrusive. i'm positive this set will look much better in our space.

that was a load off. until we went to the brick. we went right there from ikea hoping we could cancel the order without having our invoices with us. it's all computerized, right? it is, but the orders weren't exactly done right in the first place so we had some issues. we left a little frazzled and worried but j went back and sorted everything out. no more dining room set but everything else is secure. perfect.

and then i ate red meat. we had meat lasagna and i haven't paid for it yet. i'm very impressed with my stomach. we caught up on the episode of house we missed two nights ago and i went to bed early. i didn't go to the clinic about my knee. i didn't get anything else done but i'm happy. sometimes it's good to not do a lot.


  1. I am feeling the same way.

    Em and I have bought a bedroom set and dining room set but are leaving it in the boxes in the spare bedroom until moving day - in March.

    We should have waited, but the sales were so good that it would have been dumb to wait. We are worried now that what we bought isn't going to match, but I guess that's what's happens when you buy a new house and don't have any photos or a complete visual of all your chosen colours (hardwood, counters, etc.). All you can do is pray to the design gods that everything will look great - and I am sure it will.

  2. ummm, I'm totally outing myself as a serial renter, but what exactly does it mean to 'close' on a house? I get that it's officially yours then (right?) but I'm guessing there's more to it than that.

    Do you realize that choosing your own mirrors and hardware in the bathroom is the first design related hting you've revealed to me? I am desperate to know more! Well, Iguess I can hold off for a bit longer knowing the bathroom stuff. Drefinitely keep the countdown going!

  3. haha... I'm using your count-down date to figure out when we close on our house... x + 26days... will it never come?!?!
    We drove by our site last night. I swore I saw shingles, but Dave says I'm crazy. :)

    Also, it's kind of impossible to walk into Ikea and NOT leave wanting something... lesson? Always go to Ikea first. Though, I don't like the chaos ... which is like, 95% of the time Ikea is open. :P

  4. m, alan would know better than i do at this point, but closing is the day that you sign all the papers, officially set up the mortgage and pay your lawyer, and finally get the keys. from what i've heard, this day doesn't always go smoothly, especially when you're buying and selling resale homes (not new builds like we are). actually for us it should be smooth sailing because we're renting from j's parents (no strict lease and move-out date) and buying a new build (no waiting for the old owners to be out before we can move in). in that light, i think we're super lucky and things will be much less hectic than in any other situation.

    on our closing we don't plan on moving. we'll both have the day off and will likely be in and out of the house but we'll wait until the weekend to move. that way we can have more help and more time.

  5. I wish we could wait for a weekend... but we're renting. And even though we're renting with Minto and buying from Minto, technically they're two different bodies and won't give you a break...