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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

little bo-bo

my volleyball team lost last night. for the first time this season. but it was a good game - lots of good rallies and close sets. it was strange though. the ref wasn't calling lifts or when people touched (or sometimes got completely tangled in) the net, but then i get called for sliding a little under the net, not touching anybody though. odd. anyways, at one point, i went down for a ball and managed to flip a nail backwards. well that is PAINFUL and a little bleedy. it was right near the end of the game thankfully because i was seriously considering taking myself out of the game.

note to self: cut fingernails, at least a little shorter than they are now. stupid.

other than that last night was pretty uneventful. we went over to jr's house after our game and watched the hockey game. man, the sens sure can lose good. they were ahead 3-0 and lost 4-3. wow.

we're getting more used to our new early schedule. the sun isn't up on our drive in and the lights aren't on when i get here but i'm here. and i get to leave early.

and let me just end this post by saying that work is really picking up. i have lots to do and here i am posting. something i maybe need to work on....

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