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Monday, November 20, 2006

it's fixed!

i broke down and upgraded my template to go along with the new version of blogger. i tinkered with it a little and am semi-happy with it. but the biggest thing is that the comments are working again. and not a minute too soon! i'm borrowing this from my aunt-in-law (i've never said those three words together like that before but there you have it) inner dorothy: it's thanksgiving delurking week!

this whole week please leave comments on every blog you visit even if it's just a "blogstone" (where blogstone = (o) ) to let the blogger know you've been by and read their words. blogging is about community so let people know that you're there.

and now, the regularly scheduled weekend updates.

friday: friday friday friday. i definitely napped after work. i definitely made some yummy perch for dinner. i definitely caught up on a bunch of shows i had recorded. i definitely knit and spent quality time on the couch with my cats. definitely.

saturday: saturday was a busy day. we did some running around and then made our way to kanata for a little get together at j&s's place. we ate and watched tv and talked. i got to see their house and their new cat.

we left early and went to a&s's place for their two-monthiversary housewarming party and what a party it was! there were lots and lots of people and food and beer and cake. j has a new friend. her name is lindsay and we met her and her husband about a month ago. they are both really nice people.
189_8978 (Medium)

sunday: we checked out the house. the brick is almost all done.
189_8983 (Medium)
i was talking to sylvia about this on saturday night and finally looked it up: it's 71 days until we close. i guess the countdown should now be officially on. except christmas stands in our way.

we broke down and got pizza for dinner - at least we have food for lunch - and then i went to k2's for scrapbooking. i brought my knitting instead, i'm not feeling the scrapbooking. but i had gone into the craft room earlier and the kitties found a great nesting spot and were absent for a lot of the night.
189_8993 (Medium)

it was a late night but an okay morning so far. i'm hoping to nap tonight before my volleyball game because i have big plans of not living to work. and to do that i have to sleep enough so that i can go out and be social every opportunity i get.


  1. I'm glad you got the comments fixed. Thanks again for coming out on Saturday! We had a lot of fun but I'm a bit tired today. Must be getting old.

    I like the brick!

  2. another comment, just because I can!

    Can you imagine how that photo of j and Lindsay would have looked with the old yellow and orange walls? This new paint was the best money I ever spent.

  3. De-lurkinh week! cool. I didn't know about that. Man, it kind of makes m want to surf fewer blogs... :-)

    I like the new look. Something fresh everyoncce and a while is a good thing, don't you think?

    Gotta go to a fundraising meeting, OH TO BE BACK IN SCHOOL. Anybody wanna buys a chocolate bar???

  4. Um... I don't really have anything to say today, so (o). :D

  5. Hi Kam!

    My First impression is that the new template looks like livejournal.

    Bring back the old look, I fear change.

  6. I can't believe I just noticed J's facial hair...very nice :-) !!

    Have a good monday.

  7. alan - we had a really good time saturday night. it was nice seeing you and sylvia and eating cake. let's be honest: the cake was good.

    marianne - j doesn't like to shave so he often has some sort of facial hair. it comes in really red which i find kind of funny. it took a while to get used to him with a full goatee. he shaved sunday morning though.

    richard - i crave change so too bad. it's my blog and i'll do what i want!

    tania - congrats on the contract extension. that must be a load off. i can understand not wanting to jump into a government job too soon.

  8. thanks sue and skinny kitty. skiinny kitty, will you ever have commenting on your blog?