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Thursday, November 9, 2006

i love my cats

we did the unthinkable yesterday: we went out right after work. we went and got catfood and then got groceries. and we were still home before 4pm. and that's why i love working early.

president's choice has a new kind of cookie, chocolate brownie somethings that are SO GOOD. so. goood. also, the knorr dinners that you see advertised are pretty good, but small. we had just enough for the two of us with no leftovers for lunch. not great for making a meal stretch but good tasting.

the title of this post is "i love my cats" and here's why. i was talking on the phone yesterday after work to someone who talks a lot. you know the type. you get them on the phone because you need an answer or two and before you know it they've rambled on for an hour.

so i was on the phone and i thought the conversation was coming to an end and i had to pee. put two and two together and you find me making my way to the bathroom. the conversation didn't end and i bounced around from room to room. but the kitties, well they were in the bathroom because they burst in there every chance they get. and what do they find? a lady bug. so they're "hunting" the lady bug and chirping away and i'm thinking 'i really should go get the camera' and i know that i'll have time because talker is still talking.

so long story short (almost done i mean) - i got this picture of the cats and i love it!

158_5814 (Medium)

other than taking pictures of the cats, i also watched tv and saw a man almost win a million dollars on who wants to be a millionaire. and the best part is that he knew the million-dollar question but walked away with $500,000 instead. i don't blame him but he was so close. and why is it that i like to watch america's next top model? i'm not proud of that, believe me.

for unknown reasons we stayed up late last night. late like almost midnight. i'm guessing today will be a yawn-er-rific day. it's already starting....


  1. So did they catch the ladybug???

  2. yes.... but then they didn't eat it so it was still alive and flying around the bathroom.

    i didn't see it the next day and then j closed the door and there it was, smushed behind the door-stopper-thingy.

    poor mr. lady bug.